Bandai Namco Data Leaks After Ransomware Attack

Information on future Bandai Namco games and DLC have leaked online following a reported ransomware attack on the Elden Ring publisher. A group called Alphv, also known as BlackCat, posted news on its dark web blog that it had infiltrated and successfully installed ransomware on Bandai Namco’s internal networks.

Bandai Namco has yet to respond to the attack, however, data leaked online this morning pertaining to the publisher’s planned 2023 release schedule. As noted by PC Gamer, Alphv has taken to releasing some information on the open internet in order to encourage victims to negotiate.

The leaked info appears to be a slide showcasing Bandai Namco’s 2023 releases. Most notable on the slide is the Elden Ring DLC titled “Barbarians of the Badlands” coming in next year’s third quarter. As Elden Ring fans might recall, the Badlands are an area outside of the Lands Between where first Elden Lord Godfrey both hails from and was exiled to along with the rest of the Tarnished.

Before the Elden Ring DLC, the leak suggests a new Armored Core game is scheduled for Q1, 2023, and Little Nightmares 3 in Q2. Dragonball FighterZ Super, Tekken 8, and CodeVein2 are also listed to release in 2023.

We should note that none of this information has been verified, and evidence has been found (thanks, DualShockers) that suggests the image circulating online is fake. Bandai Namco hasn’t responded to the “leak” either.

There is evidence that a new Armored Core game is on its way at least. Earlier this year, leaked images surfaced online showcasing the sort of high-octane action that fans have come to expect from the series. The last game was produced in 2013, so if Armored Core 6 arrives on time, it'll be a full decade since the franchise went dark.

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