Bandai Namco’s 2022 Calendar Features Klonoa

Klonoa has a full page on Bandai Namco's 2022 calendar, lining up with rumours of an upcoming revival.

Earlier in the week, we reported that trademarks for "Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series" had been spotted in the UK, pointing to a potential remaster of the first two games in the series. Since then, more trademarks have popped up in areas like Canada, solidifying that something is on the way in the near future.

If you want even more evidence that Klonoa is making a comeback, look no further than Bandai Namco's 2022 calendar, which some people have started getting their hands on. Twitter user ShonanFoobars shared a few images from the calendar, which show off some of Bandai's games from 2021, including Tales of Arise.

As reported by NME, ShonanFoobars said, "I received next year’s Bandai Namco calendar. Usually it has a single theme, but in this one each picture matches the season for that month. The characters from The Idol Master are watching the full moon. Also do we know if this means the revival of the Klonoa series?”

More interestingly than that however is that Klonoa has a whole page dedicated to him, which is one of the first times that Bandai Namco has acknowledged the character in years. The art appears to be completely original, showing Klonoa surfing alongside the Kid's Day carp while using the Air Board. If you want to grab a pinch of salt, the date on the calendar is for May 2022, which could indicate some sort of release window for the Phantom Reverie Series.

The calendar doesn't give any hints as to a future Klonoa game and certainly doesn't outright confirm that something new is on the way for the character, but it lines up with the recent trademarks that were spotted. Considering Bandai hasn't shown Klonoa in anything for several years now and rarely references the character, him having a whole page to himself seems like a big hint.

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