Battlefield 2042 Has Been Delayed Until Later This Year

With 2021 being a turbulent year full of development woes and delays, it’s not too surprising when we hear of another game slipping from the intended release date. Many studios have recently decided to move their efforts into a 2022 release like Dying Light 2 and Lost Ark. We just got word of another big delay from the Battlefield 2042 team, but it’s luckily only shifting the launch date from October to November 19.

An update from the Battlefield team

Citing challenges faced developing the game during the pandemic, EA, Dice, and the other Battlefield teams have announced via a Twitter announcement that Battlefield 2042 will take a bit longer but will be out this year. Here’s the full statement:

With a complicated multiplayer game like Battlefield 2042, it’s never bad for the developers to make sure it’s going out the door with the proper polish. Luckily, the plan for a worldwide launch remains untouched, and the team is still looking to run an open beta! We can’t wait to start wing suiting into tornados and doing insane tricks in and out of a moving jet.  

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