Battlefield 2042 is always online including using AI bots in practice

EA has revealed that Battlefield 2042 is online only, even if all you want to do is train against AI soldiers on your own.

It’s already been confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will let you opt-out of PC cross-play, an option that has become increasingly controversial in Call Of Duty, but EA has revealed additional details about the game that aren’t quite so encouraging.

According to the latest blog update Battlefield 2042 is entirely online-only, to the point where you can’t even use AI soldiers (aka bots) when practising on your own unless you’re online.

EA offers no explanation as to why – there’s no suggestion that it’s anything to do with using the cloud – but it means that if you want to play Battlefield 2042 you’re going to have to be online all the time or nothing will work.

Forcing players to be always online was one of the primary reasons for the early failure of the Xbox One and since then most companies have shied away from the concept as much as possible.

It is slowly creeping back into many games though, since it reduces the chance of piracy or unauthorised modding – and if there’s one thing that’s clear about Battlefield 2042, it’s that EA want to avoid the same problem with cheaters as Call Of Duty is currently enduring.

Another detail from the blog reveals that there will be no naval warfare in the game at launch, although there will be a hovercraft you can use.

There’s a strong hint that this will change over time though, via DLC, with the blog stating that, ‘We’ve seen your comments about how excited you are about naval warfare, so stay in touch with us about what you’d like to see in the future!’

Battlefield 2042 will be heavily featured at the EA Play Live event on July 22, ahead of the game’s release on October 22.

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