Battlefield V: Into The Jungle Trailer Highlights New Multiplayer Map

A new multiplayer chapter called Into the Jungle is about to be released for Battlefield V. It will feature the Solomon Islands as the new theater of war, and along with it comes new weapons, gadgets, and elites.

The new map will be the sixth chapter in the series, following last year’s War in the Pacific expansion. Into the Jungle is the second expansion in Battlefield’s Year Two plans, and hopes to win back players after the difficult start. After the failure of the Firestorm battle royale mode and other multiplayer issues, Into the Jungle will have a lot to do to reignite players’ interest in the game.

The trailer for the new chapter dropped on Youtube and previewed a rollicking jungle adventure full of action and explosions. Adam Freemen, the game’s Community Manager outlines what to expect in the new update, saying, “This has been a favorite of mine to play in the last few months of testing. This is a really intense map that plays brilliantly on breakthrough.” He goes on to say, “It’s narrow, it’s intense and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.”

As part of the new chapter, DICE is also selling a Premium Booster Pack, with a 20% Chapter XP Boost, three special assignments, and 2,000 Battlefield currency to get you going.

Into the Jungle will be playable in breakthrough, conquest, squad conquest, and team deathmatch modes. It will be a close-quarters map, but some game modes will allow the use of vehicles. The news guns added to the game are the Type 11MG machine gun, and the M2 Carbine. The new gadgets on offer include the M1A1 Bazooka and the Plunge Mine.

There will also be three new characters added to the game. Mizaki Tamashiro carries a machete, and can only be unlocked at rank 40. Steve Fisher uses a knuckle duster as his weapon of choice, and Akira Sakamoto, a pilot, uses an airplane control stick as his melee weapon. Both Steve and Akira can be purchased using Battlefield currency.

Chapter Six is being released on February 6 and will be free for both PC and console players. From the looks of the trailer, the graphics look brilliant and the gameplay looks thrilling. If DICE has managed to iron out the bugs that plagued the game from the start, it should do well.

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