Bayonetta 3 – Chapter 14: The Single Truth Walkthrough

Bayonetta 3 comes to its final act, and in this last showdown, everyone must go back to the main world to fight against Singularity once and for all. Bayonetta will face some shocking losses, as she tries to save all the universes in existence with the help of her many counterparts.

You have reached the final chapter of this story, which marks the end of the journey in many ways. But do not think of what's gone, and instead focus on the hard battles ahead of you. Here's all you need to know about this final chapter.

Verse #1

The moment you arrive back to your home world, a cutscene will occur and another kaiju battle will ensue, this time Sin Gomorrah against Singularity Chaos. Just like the battle against Arch-Iridescent, use the many commands you have available to protect yourself and also destroy this powerful enemy and send it flying to space.

  • Enemy: Singularity Chaos

Verse #2

Now in outer space, Singularity will take a new form, this time as Singularity Balance. This enemy will teleport across the arena and use his huge hands to attack you with lasers, but after a while it will protect itself under a shield, and unless you inflict Break on it with an Infernal Demon, you will get stunned for a few seconds. From time to time, he will also summon several different monsters that you can just ignore, like Cavums, and also some powerful foes that you won't be able to ignore, like Cumulonimbus, Cirrostratus, and Cirrocumulus. Try to dispatch them all as fast as you can and keep fighting against this boss until you deplete all his HP bars and a cutscene begins.

  • Enemy: Singularity Balance, Cumulonimbus, Cirrocumulus, Cirrostratus, Cavum

Verse #3

While Gomorrah and Cumulonimbus unleash their battle, you will end up in a strange space where the boss will be levitating and moving elusively, so close your distance and hit this enemy as fast as possible before he repels you and creates a long distance between you two. It's recommended to use weapons like the Ignis Areaneae Yo-Yo, which serves to close the gap pretty quickly and hits multiple times.

Once you deplete the first HP bar, you will take control of Gomorrah and must defeat a Cumulonimbus to go to the next phase. During this part, you will be able to use Infernal Demon attacks, but the floor will have consuming clouds on some parts, so you must exercise caution and not stand in them for too long, or you will lose. Deplete two more HP bars, and an epic cutscene will happen, leading to the next part of the fight.

A mortally wounded Bayonetta seems completely useless against this powerful being, so you will get some help from some familiar faces. Take control of the original Bayonetta from the first game, and aided by the Bayonetta from the second game fight against Singularity Definition, until a cutscene occurs and you're back as Bayonetta 3. Now with the power of the three umbra witches from the main games, punish this enemy until a triple Climax sequence happens.

After a short cutscene, Luka will come to help you in battle, and you both must face together this villain and its multiple decoy copies until the final Climax scene happens, And the credits roll.

  • Enemy: Singularity Definition

Verse #4

As a mid-credits sequence, you will take control of Viola for the last time, as a rite of passage and a proper test for what's yet to come. We won't tell you anything else about this fight, but be prepared and have fun!

  • Enemy: Dark Eve

Verse #5-8

During the second part of the credits, you will have several mini-verses against different enemies, reviving various moments during the game. None of these fights are hard and all of them end after a few seconds.


In each chapter, there are five objectives called Bewitchments, and they vary from chapter to chapter. These can involve fulfilling certain conditions like developing perfectly in combat, destroying particular objects in the background, or just finding particular secrets.

#1 – Finish the Singularity Chaos battle with no damageNothing more than that, avoid being hit at all by the Singularity Chaos boss.
#2 – Hit Singularity Definition 5 times with Crow Within as Bayonetta 1When you take control of Bayonetta 1, hit the Singularity Definition using Crow Within.
#3 – See the end of Bayonetta's storyFinish this chapter.
#4 – Hit Singularity Definition 5 times with Madame Butterfly as Bayonetta 1When you take control of Bayonetta 1, hit the Singularity Definition using Madama Butterfly.
#5 – Defeat a Homunculus summoned by Singularity BalanceDestroy any of the Homunculi spawned by Singularity Balance during Verse #2.

Umbran Tears Of Blood

Across every chapter, you will find three animals called Umbran Tears Of Blood. Collecting the three of them in each chapter will unlock its alternative version, with new challenges and rewards… except in this chapter. Since this chapter is just several fights back to back, you will unlock the alternate level automatically after finishing.

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