Bayonetta 3: Side Mission 1 Guide Walkthrough

Bayonetta 3 brings the latest adventure of the umbra witch, and how the possible end of all existence threatens the Multiverse. In a race against time and a mysterious enemy called Singularity, Bayonetta must ask for help to various allies.

While Bayonetta and Viola try to get their hands into the Chaos Gears, Jeanne has a mission on her own that involves rescuing Doctor Sigurd from a shady facility. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Jeanne's Spy Action Chapter 1

This chapter won't be separated into verses, instead being one single mission. The camera will then change to a 2d angle, and you must travel with Jeanne across the base where Sigurd is captive before the timer runs out.

Enemies can spot you if they see you, so you must be careful and use Stealth attacks from behind, and to achieve that you can hide in vents by taking a beast form, or inside rooms until the enemies walk past you. Keep in mind that some rooms can also host different beneficial effects or some extra time for Jeanne, and enemies will respawn continuously, so keep moving at all times.

You will reach an area to the lower right of the level with a computer, and once you activate it, a huge door will let you proceed to the ground level, where you must jump through some handles to avoid a Floccus and find a hatch you can open. As you dive into the underwater section, you'll take the form of a centipede and swim until you can get out at a later point. Be careful with the rotating blades in the water and you should be fine.

Once you're out, you must traverse this new section of the level and avoid some lasers by going through the vents, until you find the second computer. A door will open and Jeanne will continue, thus finishing this chapter.


In each chapter, there are five objectives called Bewitchments, and they vary from chapter to chapter. These can involve fulfilling certain conditions like developing perfectly in combat, destroying particular objects in the background, or just finding particular secrets.

#1 – Avoid Taking Damage While Moving Through The WaterDuring the underwater portion of the level, do not get hit by enemies or spinning blades.
#2 – Find The Hidden WaterwayEnter the underwater section and go to the left instead, you will find a secret tunnel.
#3 – Perform 3 Successful Stealth KillsAs the name says, perform at least 3 stealth kills on homunculi enemies.
#4 – Find And Defeat AffinityFind the Paradiso enemy Affinity and kill it.
#5 – Defeat 5 Homunculi While Transformed Into Cutie JOnce you unlock the Cutie J temporary suit, kill five of these enemies.

Food Collectibles

Across every Side Mission, you will find four fast food items instead of the usual 3 umbra tears. These can be found in the following locations:

Toilet PaperThe toilet paper will be on the left side at ground level, right before going underwater.
SodaAfter getting out of the water area, this collectible will be sitting on the C3 level, one level above the Cutie J door.
BurgerThis one will be on the left side in the C2 level.
FriesAfter you exit the underwater section, the fries will be sitting on the right side of the bottom level.

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