Best Battlefield 2042 SVK Loadouts And Attachments

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  • Best Attachments For The SVK In Battlefield 2042

The SVK is a hugely powerful marksman rifle in Battlefield 2042. With the right attachments, this gun is a two-shot kill with shots anywhere on the body. Without the problems of bloom or handling control of some of the other weapons in the game, the SVK is deadly in the right hands.

This attachment guide covers the best loadouts for the SVK, with two main focuses: one for using the SVK as a run-and-gun, and the other as a more standard sniper class.

Best Attachments For The SVK In Battlefield 2042

We'll cover the standard sniper loadout first for the SVK. This gun might not one-shot kill to the head like the DXR, but you get a lot more reliability and forgiveness with the rapid fire rate and high damage output of its two-shot kill.

  • Sight – You can choose to run something like BKS 8x or M11 6x for a complete sniper build, but we prefer something in the middle of the park range, something like the Bravo 3x. The 4x you unlock from the start isn't the best sight in the game but it will do until you unlock more attachments.
  • Ammo – We like to stick with the High-Power rounds that come with the base weapon. These guarantee that two-shot kill the SVK is known for.
  • Underbarrel – For a complete sniper build, we've experimented with both the BCG Light Grip (to stabilize you while not moving), and the ADR Bipod. Bipods can be a bit finicky in 2042, but in the right spot, the SVK turns into a laser.
  • Barrel – This is easy – stick with the Warhawk Compensator. We've found this to be the most reliable barrel attachment for reducing kick while aiming.

This second set of attachments is designed to allow you to use the SVK up close or as a medium-range high-powered assault rifle. It doesn't perform as well as the DM7 in this role, but it's still good to have a secondary set of attachments to switch to on the fly.

  • Sight – A mix between the Fusion Holo and the Maul Hybrid 1.5-3x. You want something flexible that can take off heads in close range but also help out at medium – long range.
  • Ammo – You can stick with the High Power rounds or switch out to the Standard Issue / Extended Mag at 180 kills if you want a more reliable spray.
  • Underbarrel – Rattlesnake Light Grip or the Cobra Grip work fine here.
  • Barrel – Again, we have to go with the Warhawk Compensator. If you want something very close range and an extended fire rate, go for the Shortened Barrel.

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