Best Xbox deals: Cheap Xbox Series X, Series S offers in UK

One of the best Xbox Series X deals you can get is direct from Microsoft. You’ll everything you’d normally find in the box with a brand-new Xbox Serie X console, including a high-speed HDMI and controller, as well as the same 12-month warranty as new models, and a 60-day returns period too!

Be wary: these refurbished consoles sell out quick – so make sure you don’t lose out

Get a Xbox Series S from Microsoft for just £209.99.

It’s just like the Xbox Series X where you get a warranty and 60-day returns if you find a better deal elsewhere.

Refurbished consoles can sell QUICK so make sure you don’t miss out.

Be wary: these refurbished consoles sell out quick – so make sure you don’t lose out


  • Best Xbox Series X deals
  • Best Xbox Series S deals
  • Looking for the best Xbox deals, including on the powerful Xbox Series X or the lightweight and affordable Xbox Series S? Well, look no further. No matter which of these current-generation consoles you’re looking for, we’ve compiled a rundown of how to avoid paying full price for the latest kit from Microsoft.

    With the hotly-anticipated Starfield launching on consoles, PC, and Xbox Game Pass – the Netflix-like games subscription run by Microsoft for its players – coming very soon, there’s never been a better time to jump into the Xbox ecosystem. To coincide with the release, Microsoft has launched a slew of limited edition hardware as well as an all-new iteration of its best-selling Series S console.

    The Xbox Series X|S were both launched back in 2020, providing tough competition for Sony and its Playstation 5. After a few years of scarcity, these consoles are now regularly available to buy in-store and online. And for the first time since the launch of these generation of consoles, there are some incredible Xbox deals starting to appear for bargain hunters too.

    Are these PS5 competitors worth buying? Well, our Xbox Series X review and Xbox Series S review have all of the answers.

    We’ve looked at retailers such as Amazon, GAME, AO, Currys, and other stores so you can get the best value on your shiny new gaming console. And without a doubt, the best deal goes to Microsoft, which is selling refurbished Xbox Series X consoles for just £419.99. That’s a saving of £60 – enough to treat yourself to a game or extra controller (there is one in the box).

    If you’re worried about buying refurbished – don’t worry, Microsoft engineers have worked on the console and as such, they will honour the same 12-month warranty as a brand-new console. You’ll even get a 60-day returns period if you managed to find the Series X cheaper somewhere else!

    Fancy a PS5 instead? We’ve already got a roundup of the best PS5 deals that you can grab right now.  

    Best Xbox Series X deals

    Xbox Series X has a recommended UK price tag of £449.99. Microsoft allows new customers to unlock access to one-month of Game Pass Ultimate for just £1 

    The Xbox Series X is the most powerful console that Microsoft has to offer. It’s immensely powerful, surprisingly compact compared with the latest console from Sony, and available at a lower price tag. 

    Powering the Series X is an eight-core AMD Zen 2 processor – capable of outputting an astonishing 12 teraflops of power – coupled with 16GB of RAM and 1TB custom-designed SSD. The result is an astonishing amount of power, which enables next-generation features like 120 frames-per-second, 4K picture quality, and ray-tracing. 

    If you want to read more in our Xbox Series X review and what we thought, you can do so. 

    But as mentioned above the best Xbox Series X deal is the refurbished console directly from Microsoft but they sell out fast. 

    But if you want a brand new console, the next best deal goes to the Amazon bundle which includes Forza Horizon 5. There’s another great deal with the newest Diablo IV game which costs slightly more at £474.  

    Amazon is selling an Xbox Series S included with Forza Horizon 5 for just £469.

    It comes with all the DLC and add-ons as well so you can enjoy the game without buying anything else.

    Fancy playing one of the biggest games released in 2023?

    Well you can do so thanks to this Diablo IV bundle from Amazon which also includes next day shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

    Best Xbox Series S deals

    This budget-friendly console shares a number of features with the Xbox Series X, despite being almost half the price. As well as playing the same library of games, the Series S supports 120 frames-per-second gaming and Quick Resume. It also unlocks streaming from Netflix, Prime Video, and Sky Go.

    The Xbox Series S is perfect for gamers who don’t need all the crazy power of the Xbox Series X but still want to enjoy their favourite games. We praised its compact size, stylish design, and access to Game Pass in our Xbox Series S review.

    But the console is compatible with the latest batch of games from Microsoft including Starfield and third-party studios, it supports cloud gaming so you’ll be able to stream the latest blockbuster titles without waiting for a download to complete, boasts apps for your favourite streaming services, and supports 120 frames-per-second gameplay. 

    Again, the best deal you’ll want to go for is a refurbished console from Microsoft for £209 as it comes with a 12-month warranty and 60- day returns. 

    But keep a look out as some retailers can sometimes offer the console for FREE like Virgin Media during one of its recent campaigns. 

    One of the biggest catches of the Xbox Series S is the limited 500GB space but a new version is set to release very soon with 1TB worth of space for £299 if you need the extra space for games. 

    You can buy it now for £299.99 directly from Microsoft. Most games can take up 100GB worth of space per download so it’s important to consider. 


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