Beyonce Fan Finds Their Renaissance Tour Seats In The Last Of Us Part 2

There's no easy way to get a feel for how good your seats are before you attend an event. That's unless you clock the stadium you visit in The Last Of Us Part 2 is heavily influenced by the real Lumen Field, one of the many places Beyonce fans will be able to see her perform this year.

Wanting to know what their view of the concert might be seven months from now, one Last Of Us fan replayed Part 2 so they could virtually visit the venue early. Reported by GamesRadar, chalametvinyl's clip showing them as Abby walking out into the stands has received quite a bit of attention, racking up almost 350,000 views in just two days.

“Me playing The Last Of Us 2 so I can scope out my seats for the Renaissance Tour,” the player writes. A good gauge of the experience they'll have, but it's worth noting the stadium isn't an exact replica. Those who have played Part 2 may well recall the location you visit, while in Seattle, is a fictional one called Soundview Stadium.

However, if you have been to the home of the Seattle Seahawks, you'll recognize Naughty Dog clearly pulled inspiration from the real-life equivalent for its own arena. If you too will be heading there on September 13 to see Beyonce perform, then perhaps a Part 2 replay is on the cards so you can get a feel for what the concert will be like. Fingers crossed the world isn't gripped by a cordyceps pandemic so it looks more like the game's version of the stadium than it does already.

HBO's adaptation of The Last Of Us is now five episodes old with four more to go until season one comes to an end. There will also be a season two which will presumably cover the events of the second game, although its showrunner has already confirmed too much happens in Part 2 for one season alone. Bella Ramsey has also committed to doing the show for years to come, so odds are there will be at least two more seasons after this first one.

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