Billie Eilish’s Mom Appeared In Mass Effect 2 (And A Bunch Of Other Games)

What’s cooler, winning a bunch of Grammy Awards or voicing video game characters?

As it turns out, Billie Eilish’s mother is prolific actress Maggie Baird. Baird has had stints on The X-Files and Six Feet Under, but she’s most familiar to gamers as the voice of Samara in the Mass Effect franchise.

The Asari Justicar Samara is a major character of the second and third installment on the Mass Effect franchise. Incidentally, Samara’s loyalty mission has Shepard help her track down her daughter, Morinth, who happens to be a bad guy. Sorry. Going even further, we could probably draw a parallel between Samara’s blue skin and Billie’s blue hair – but that’s probably pushing it too far.

Mass Effect, however, is not the only game featuring Baird. Her first role was back in 1999, when she appeared in Battlezone II: Combat Commander, credited as Female Ensemble. She would go on to voice Anezka in Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption, as well as playing various characters in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix’s threequel is also her last video game appearance – at least for now. Most of her work has been acting in films and TV shows, although she has been on a hiatus from those as well since 2016.

While her identity and role in these games were never a secret, people haven’t really made the connection until Maclaine Diemer, composer for Guild Wars 2, pointed it out in a tweet. Billie herself seems to be a video game fan: she even has a song called ilomilo, after the eponymous puzzle game. Her song You Should See Me in a Crown has also been featured on the FIFA 19 soundtrack, even though that does not strictly speak of her own love for the franchise.

With this connection now revealed – or at least brought to the attention of the general audience – people are clamoring for more Billie Eilish in video games. After all, her mother seems to have the necessary connections, and the young pop star could bring her own flavor to new titles.

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