Biomutant Complete Walkthrough: Part One – Defeating The Jumbo Puff

Biomutant is a game filled with choices. Carving your own course and altering its storyline is half the fun – but much of its narrative remains the same regardless of how you decide to deal with your post-apocalyptic problems.

If you’ve been having trouble working your way through the world of Biomutant, we’re here to help. This walkthrough will show you how to complete the main quest, give you tips on how to overcome challenging bosses, and indicate when you’ll want to stop and tackle a few side quests.

To start, let’s work our way through the beginning portion of the game and tackle the troublesome Jumbo Puff.

Biomutant Walkthrough: Table Of Contents

  • Part One: Defeating The Jumbo Puff
  • Part Two: Defeating The Porky Puff
  • Part Three: Defeating The Hoof Puff
  • Part Four: Defeating The Murk Puff And Lupa-Lupin

Clear The Tutorial And Join A Tribe

Before the fun begins, you’ve got to get out of the boring tutorial stages. Simply follow the on-screen prompts until you’re faced with your first big decision – whether to join the Jagni or Myriad Tribe. Join the Myriad, and you’ll be tasked with getting all other Tribes to cooperate with your Sifu. Join the Jagni, and you’ll be looking to defeat all your rivals and become the only remaining Tribe.

Regardless of your choice, much of the game follows the same format. For the sake of simplicity, this guide assumes you’ve joined the Myriad Tribe.

Visit Gizmo And Learn About Your Childhood

As part of the Myriad Tribe, your first task is to visit Gizmo and learn how to defeat the first World Eater. Along the way, you’ll be thrown into a few flashback sequences, introducing you to various game mechanics such as swimming and crafting. A few of your decisions here will have an impact on future dialogue, so pay close attention to how you respond to each of your old neighbors.

Along the way to Gizmo, you’ll likely encounter a few mounts. Take a few seconds of your time to discover a nearby Pip and tame one of them – it’ll make traversing the massive world of Biomutant a less tedious process.

Once you’ve made your way to Gizmo, they’ll ask you to run a few errands to help prepare the Mekton before taking it into combat against the Jumbo Puff. Follow the on-screen quest markers, collect Gizmo’s last remaining materials, and head back to the old mechanic.

With the Mekton now working, Gizmo will send you on a few more fetch quests before turning you loose on the Jumbo Puff. When using the Mekton during quests, be careful when you disembark – you’ll often be using the giant mech in locations that are oxygen-deprived and full of pools of sludge that slow your movement. You’ll only have a bit of time when leaving the Mekton to explore before taking damage, so make sure to keep an eye on your oxygen levels.

There’s good reason to jump out of the Mekton, as tons of great gear is hiding below the pools of sludge and in the crumbling old buildings. I’d recommend taking a few minutes to explore the area before heading back to Gizmo and stocking up on as much gear as you can find.

Fighting The Jumbo Puff

After running around in the Mekton and learning its controls, you’ll want to head over to the Jumbo Puff. This is the first true boss of Biomutant, and it poses your first real challenge. The fight takes place over a few different phases – although your tactics should remain largely unchanged until the Jumbo Puff falls.

While its attacks are powerful, the Jumbo Puff has a tendency to signal its attacks before unleashing them. Keep an eye out on its behavior, and if you see anything abnormal get ready to dodge. No matter what you’re doing, however, make sure you’re always shooting at its vulnerable head.

You’ll eventually get to a point where the Jumbo Puff starts pulling everything on the battlefield towards its mouth and becomes invincible. When this happens, unleash your special attack – mapped to L2 on console – to send an explosive straight into its mouth. Keep at it, and the Jumbo Puff will eventually fall.

Check Out The Ark

With the Jumbo Puff down, your next task is meeting up with Out-of-Date at the Tree of Life. He’ll give you a detailed rundown about the Ark he’s discovered, and task you with finding people you’d like to take aboard in case of an emergency. There will only be room for four passengers – so choose wisely as you move through the rest of the game.

Time For Side Quests

Before moving on to the next guide, now is a great time to start exploring the world of Biomutant. Tackle some side quests, discover more mounts, and begin crafting powerful new weapons. The game never gets too difficult, although some zones are overrun with enemies well above your skill level if you are just churning through all the main missions.

Once you’ve seen a bit of its world and piece together some slick new gear, you’re ready to start heading towards the Porky Puff.

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