Biomutant: Melee Weapon Types Explained

Biomutant gives you remarkable control over which weapons you take into combat. Not a fan of the ones you’re finding out in the wild? No worries – just craft your own. Regardless of what you’re holding in your hands, however, most melee weapons fall into one of five categories.

Although they deal a ton of damage, you’ll need to get dangerously close to your enemies to pull off any decent melee combos. And unlike Ranged Weapons – which have very similar Wung Fu abilities – Melee Weapons offer a nice variety of skills. Many of the button inputs are the same, but the action performed within each category provides enough variety for plenty of different playstyles.

Here’s everything you need to know about Melee Weapons in Biomutant


Fan of Fight Club? Duking it out with your bare fists is a totally viable option in Biomutant. Not only does Unarmed combat deal surprisingly good damage, but it’s also incredibly fast – letting you land a few punches before rolling away to safety.

  • Phantom Paw: Performs a basic spinning kick.
  • Phoenix Sweep: Dodge then attack to perform a spinning flurry of kicks. A great move to close the gap and land a quick strike.
  • Knuckle Warp: Jump in the air and perform a downward strike on your foes.
  • Axure Paw: Strike five times in a row for a powerful chain of attacks.
  • Unspeakable Hand: Attack twice, then finish with a launching grab and piledriver. Fills up one Super Wung Fu icon and is a great way to end a combo.
  • Blow Noose: Fire your ranged weapon twice then hit your target with a cartwheel. Fills up one Super Wung Fu icon and is an excellent way to close the gap between enemies.

One-Handed Slash

If you like the speed offered by fighting unarmed, but still want to use the shiny weapons found throughout Biomutant, One-Hand Slash is an excellent compromise. Its final unlockable skill – Cat’s Cyclone – is a powerful ranged-to-melee skill that lets you throw your sword at a nearby target.

  • Ant Shiver: Unlocks the ability to use One-Handed Slash weapons.
  • Astral Hawk: Launch out of a dodge to perform a spinning slash attack, inflicting damage on nearby foes.
  • Dog Dance: Slash downward on an enemy while airborne.
  • Death Rake: Five consecutive attacks that end with a deadly slashing attack.
  • Drunken Ant: Perform two melee attacks and end with three powerful slashes. Fills up one Super Wung Fu icon.
  • Cat’s Cyclone: Fire your ranged weapon twice, then follow it up by throwing your sword at your target. Fills up one Super Wung Fu icon – and looks bad-ass.

Dual Wield Melee

You guessed it – Dual Wield Melee is practically the same as One-Handed Slash, with the added bonus of an off-hand weapon. This fast-paced category is perfect for anyone who wants to stay in melee range at all times, dealing damage and narrowing avoiding enemy attacks. In otherwords, Dual Wield Melee will make you feel like a furry ninja.

  • Twin Silver Grip: Unlocks the ability to dual wield melee weapons.
  • Warped Bull: Performs a basic slash attack.
  • Leaping Madness: Spring out of a dodge into a spinning slash attack. Perfect for use when surrounded by enemies.
  • Comet’s Foot: Aerial slashing attack.
  • Double Dragon: Five consecutive strikes, ending with a double-bladed slash.
  • Unstoppable Pig: Perform two basic attacks before ending the combo with multiple stabbing attacks. Fills up one Super Wung Fu icon.
  • Unknowable Force: Fire your ranged weapon twice, then throw both your melee weapons at your target. Fills up one Super Wung Fu icon.

Two-Handed Slash

Similar to the massive Greatswords from Monster Hunter Rise, Two-Handed Slash weapons are often hilariously oversized for our furry protagonist. They’re impossibly slow, but deal some of the best damage in the game. If you’re going to use these weapons, be very careful when you attack – animations take a long time to play, and you’ll be vulnerable to attacks from all angles.

  • Dog’s Toe: Basic slash attack.
  • Unstoppable Rat: Dodge, followed by a spinning slash.
  • Divine Drop: Perform a downward slam with your weapon while airborne.
  • Fifth Shiver: Five consecutive attacks, ending with a massive downward slice.
  • Wicked Wolf: Two basic attacks followed by a devastating vertical slash. Fills up one Super Wung Fu icon.
  • Bird’s Swirl: Fire your ranged weapon twice, then hurl your two-handed sword at your target. Fills up one Super Wung Fu icon.


Wanna smash your enemies into oblivion? Pick up an oversized Crush weapon – think bats, clubs, and other blunt objects – and you’ll be on your way to dominating the battlefield in no time. One ability, in particular, is excellent at dealing damage to everyone in your surroundings, making it a great option if you find yourself getting swarmed by enemies on all sides.

  • Celestial Smack: Basic swinging attack.
  • Ivory Warp: Dodge, then performing a leaping slam attack.
  • Blessed Rabbit: Slam down on nearby foes while airborne.
  • Forgotten Bull: Five fast crushing attacks.
  • Mercury Drop: Two basic melee attacks followed by an AoE ground pound. Fills up one Super Wung Fu icon.
  • Tiger Throw: Fire your weapon twice, then launch your weapon at your target. Fills up one Super Wung Fu icon.

Unlockable Weapon Classes

Throughout your journey, you’ll discover plenty of other unique item classes – including the Klonkfist. These work in much the same way as the above classes, although you’ll typically get some form of special ability as well. The Klonkfist, for example, is used during exploration to break down crumbling walls and provide access to new areas.

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