Black Desert Mobile Adds Hadum Boss Rush, Rewards Include Primal Gear

Black Desert Mobile is giving end-game players a new challenge to overcome with the addition of Hadum Boss Rush, a difficult twist on the classic boss-battling formula. The rewards are great for overcoming the odds, however, as there’s a chance you’ll walk with Primal Gear.

To tackle the new content, you’ll need to complete a few odds and ends. First, make sure you’ve earned the Red Nose Champion title by clearing Red Nose Difficulty 99 (Elion). Then, complete the Hadum: Uneasy Peace mission to unlock Hadum Boss Rush. If you’re new to the game, that might take you a very long time – make no mistake, this is for high-level characters only.

Here are a few more bits of info you’ll need to know before tackling Hadum-influenced bosses:

  • Use 100 Boss Stamps and 1 Shadow Knot in order to enter 1 time. There is also a chance of Hadum Special Boss Rush appearing.
  • Shadow Knot can be obtained from Hadum Spoils of Battle or through rewards from completing Bounty Mission reward.
  • Go to the Rush Board and tap ‘Switch to Hadum Boss Rush’ to switch from Elion Boss Rush (Normal) to Hadum Boss Rush.
  • Set Blessings of Light to Tier 3 in order to enter. Holy Vials of Light will not be used upon entering.

  • There is a 3-minute time limit for Hadum Boss Rush and it must be completed within the given time.
  • A timer will appear after 2 minutes 30 seconds and will disappear after counting down the final 30 seconds.
  • The Hadum Boss Rush multiplier is fixed to 1x by default. A 5x multiplier can be applied with the use of Combat Plus.
  • Increased boss knowledge up to level 150. Hadum boss knowledge is shared with Elion boss knowledge.

Although it’s not currently available in Black Spirit Mode, Pearl Abyss is hoping to add that functionality in a future update.

Several other adjustments were made with this week’s patch, including various character balance changes, a new Black Sun schedule – now only available on Wednesday and Sunday – and new recommended offerings for your current CP in the Pearl Shop.

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