Black Desert Mobile Adds Kunoichi Class And Level Up Event

Black Desert Mobile continues to expand its roster, today adding Kunoichi – a martial arts master that uses a shortsword to cut through foes. Her arrival is currently being celebrated with an in-game Level Up Event that provides you with a variety of perks until your new class hits Level 70.

Manage to reach Level 70 with Kunoichi and you’ll earn 2,000 Black Pearls and several other rewards every ten levels. There are also perks just for logging in, with Abyssal weapons like the Kzarka shortsword and Nouver Kunai available as log-in bonuses during the event.

If you’re on the fence about rolling yet another BDM character, here’s a quick look at a few Kunoichi skills to pique your interest:

  • Shadow Stitch swiftly traps enemies in a flurry of slashes, inflicting Stun and Hit while increasing her AP for 10 seconds.
  • Rain of Steel launches Kunoichi into the air, attacking with a tornado of kunai that rain down on her opponents. She is unable to be grabbed while she is in the air.
  • Viper Strike marks enemies at a distance with a kunai and allows Kunoichi to dash at her opponent, inflicting significant damage while decreasing enemies’ movement speed.
  • Chakra Release uses Ninjutsu to draw out Kunoichi’s dormant power, increasing the damage inflicted by critical hits and Black Spirit skills.

Kunoichi is Ascended upon creation, with new skills available through the completion of specific quests.

Today’s update brings more than a new class, as Black Desert Mobile is also introducing new constellations. This includes Treant Owl, Key, and Wagon – along with new titles and areas of Knowledge for each.

Once you’ve had time to settle into the new character, the next season of Path of Glory will kick off on May 4. This will offer you a chance to battle ultra-difficult bosses and earn powerful rewards as you attempt to protect your castle from waves of enemies. It’s not easy, but it’s a great way to quickly level your entire family of characters.

Black Desert Mobile is available for free on both iOS and Android.

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