Black Desert Mobile Shai Class Now Available

After weeks of waiting, the Shai class is finally available in Black Desert Mobile. The support-oriented Shai utilizes a variety of buffs and healing spells to avoid enemy attacks and keep her allies alive and fighting.

Shai is equipped with a Florang as her main weapon – which is an oversized boomerang – and the orb-shaped Vitclari as her sub-weapon. Pearl Abyss said her skills “are centered around control and avoidance,” and she has the ability to turn the tides of any lopsided battle.

Here’s a bit more about the new Shai Class in Black Desert Mobile:

  • Shai is an ascended class upon creation
  • – When first created, Shai has 4 skills unlocked. After level 10 the rest of her skills can be unlocked through missions
  • – To access Shai’s skill missions, you will have to finish the main quest ‘The Boss, Red Nose’ after which the story ‘Tales of Power: Shai’ becomes available. You must finish ‘Tales of Power: Shai’ to get access to the missions

No Black Desert Mobile update is complete without a new event, and the Shai update is no different. Running from today until April 12, anyone who trains the Shai class to Level 70 will earn the following:

  • Black Stone Sack – a sack brimming with magical stones that enhances your weapons and armor
  • Abyssal Accessory Selection Chest – a chest that rewards you with an Abyssal Accessory of your choice
  • 1000 Black Pearls

Shai isn’t the only new addition to Black Desert Mobile, as you’ll also find the challenging Path of Glory Rift 12, Tower of Trials: Hadum, and various bug fixes and improvements.

The Black Desert family of games has had a busy month – beyond introducing Shai on mobile, the Sage was recently introduced on PC. Xbox and PlayStation players will see the class arrive later this month, although it’s currently available for pre-creation.

The Shai class is now available in Black Desert Mobile, with a launch event running until April 12. Be sure to check out the new class during those times to earn free Black Pearls, Abyssal Accessories, and Black Stones.

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