Black Desert Mobile: Sorceress Class – Beginner’s Guide

The end of January saw the arrival of the Sorceress in Black Desert Mobile, and she just may be the most powerful class yet. Sorceresses make quick work of the battlefield using class-exclusive talismans and amulets as weapons.

These chaotic mages quickly overtake hordes of enemies with a blend of ranged dark magic and melee martial arts, executed at lightning speed. Sorceresses are absolutely deadly, and a teleportation dodge ensures they can never be touched.

The Sorceress’s Battle Style

Her medley of ranged and up-close assaults bring ferocious chaos that none can withstand for long. The Sorceress utilizes shards she accumulates on the battlefield to increase her attack range, damage, and combos, making her prowess all the more deadly.

There’re several perks to the Sorceress’s skillset, namely all the buffs and debuffs that get put into effect. These range from knockdowns and stuns, to granting additional attacks per charge or increasing the Sorceress’s movement speed.

Multiple skills boast the mechanic of holding for continuous attacks. These skills are excellent at clearing the battlefield and give the Sorceress some space if she finds herself amidst a horde of enemies. If the Sorceress does end up trapped somehow, her teleportation dodge allows her to maneuver out of any tight spots.

Midnight Stinger

This attack is one of the Sorceress’s initial skills. It rushes the enemy, smashing them with dark magic and inflicts a stun debuff. With two charges at the ready and a relatively swift cooldown, this is an excellent leading skill.

This skill depletes the Sorceress’s battle shard supply, boosting combos, range, and attack power in the process. Leading with this skill quickly builds the Sorceress’s offensive power, while follow-up attacks will grant a sufficient cooldown time and the shards a chance to replenish.

Midnight Stinger can also have a shard equipped to it, which grants an additional attack per charge and inflicts a knockdown debuff.


When holding the skill icon down, Eviscerate is capable of up to nine consecutive strikes, inflicting a Knock-up debuff on the last. It’s barrage capabilities coupled with a speedy cooldown make this skill clearing or nullifying large enemy mobs.

Unholy Smite

Unholy Smite causes the Sorceress to levitate and pounce on the enemy in a burst of dark magic. This skill is a personal early-game favorite for its powerful attack, which simultaneously produces a Forward Guard while advancing on foes. This attack also inflicts a Bound debuff upon a successful hit.

In exchange for overpowering enemies so efficiently, the skill does require a bit of a cooldown, but the Sorceress’s other skills won’t leave her short-handed in the meantime.

A Dark Force To Be Reckoned With

The Sorceress’s strength and diversity make her highly adaptable to players of all battle styles and skill levels. Those just learning the ropes can breeze through on auto-play and button smashing for boss battles, while enjoying the flashy and chaotic graphics. Seasoned players can get as technical as they wish, playing around with the Sorceress’s unique shard mechanic, additional abilities, and versatile battle tactics.

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