Blanc: How To Help The Geese

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  • First Section – Up The Slope
  • Second Section – Walking The Cliff Edge
  • Third Section – Crossing The Bridge
  • Fourth Section – Through The Barn
  • Final Section – Through The Grass

Throughout your journey in Blanc, you’ll meet a variety of animals crossing the snowy, black-and-white landscape just like you are. In Chapter 5, you’ll come across a goose and her three babies. Unfortunately, the winds have picked up, and the babies can’t stand up against it and are blown away.

In five sections, you’ll need to shield the baby geese and help them reach their mother. Some of these sections are more difficult than others, and you might be wondering how best to help the baby geese on their way. Here’s how to help the geese in every section.

First Section – Up The Slope

The first section acts as a tutorial. The mother goose walks up the slope and her three babies follow her, but they’re immediately blown back down because the wind is too strong. You’ll notice rocks about halfway up the slope — they’re blocking the wind and leave a clear section. You’ll need to do the same thing using the wolf cub’s and the deer’s bodies.

Just as one of the geese is about to start walking up the slope, walk directly in front of them. You’ll block off a small area, allowing them to keep walking. You’ll need to guide each one up the slope doing this, walking at their pace. It’s easier to guide each one individually, rather than trying to do multiple at a time.

Once they reach the top, they’ll reunite with their mother and continue on.

Second Section – Walking The Cliff Edge

After following the goose family for a little while, you’ll come across a cliff edge, with the wind blowing fiercely across it. Once again, the baby geese are blown backwards when they try to follow.

Using the same technique, guide them across to the other side. There are three pillars here that act as checkpoints, blocking the wind at these intervals.

Once a goose reaches one of these checkpoints, they’ll walk back here if they’re blown back again, so you can try again without having to start from the beginning.

When they’re all safely across, follow them to the next section.

Third Section – Crossing The Bridge

As you progress to the next section, the geese will walk straight through the tall grass, but you’ll need to leap over the short grass on the left.

Once past this, you’ll come across a bridge where the wind is blowing strongly again. The bridge is blocked by grass that you can’t walk through.

Have one animal head over to the second part of the bridge, leaping onto the right-hand side and walking down the ledge near the grass. Stay here until a goose is brought to you.

If you’re playing as the first animal, guide the geese as normal until you reach the grass. Then, if you're playing as the second animal, wait for the goose to pass through the grass and take over guiding them until they reach their mother. Do this for all three.

When playing as the first animal, make sure the person playing as the second is ready and in position before you begin guiding the goose. Otherwise, you’ll just have to start over again.

Once the geese are all safe, follow them past the bridge and up the slope. Once you’re at the top, the geese will walk through the grass again, but you’ll need to take the long way around.

Follow the path up to the top, and you should see some ledges at the back of the summit. Jump across these until you wrap around again, then simply follow the footsteps until you reunite with the geese.

Fourth Section – Through The Barn

Continuing to follow the geese, you’ll come across a barn. The geese will walk across the beams at the top, but you’ll need to enter through the door. The baby geese will be blown away because the door is open, letting the strong winds in.

To the right of the barn, you’ll notice the door. Have the deer positioned on the right-hand side, ready to push it, and the wolf cub on the left-hand side, ready to pull. Once you’re both in position, move it across. This will block the air and let the geese walk across.

However, now the other side is wide open. You’ll need to move the door back to get them across the last part. Make the wolf cub and the deer swap places, then move the door back to its original position. The geese will make their way through to the outside.

Head back out of the barn and follow them once again. You’ll come across more grass that they’ll walk through with no problem. Instead, the deer will need to leap onto a nearby log, and the wolf cub will need to walk through it. You’ll meet up with the geese again at the end.

Final Section – Through The Grass

After following the geese for a little while, you’ll come across another area partially blocked by grass and split into two sections. The wind is blowing across it all.

For the first section, it’s business as usual. Guide the geese up and make sure they aren’t blown away. However, you can’t reach the end alone because the grass blocks the exit.

To the left-hand side, you’ll spot a ledge. Have one animal jump up onto this ledge and down into the section that’s blocked by the grass. This animal will need to wait here, similar to when you crossed the bridge.

Lead the goose up the first section, and when you’re in line with the second animal who's waiting, pull back to allow the goose to be blown across. If you’re playing as the second animal, watch where the goose is blown, and make sure you’re in position to block the wind off for them. From here, you’ll need to guide them the rest of the way and up the step.

There is no checkpoint here — if the goose is blown away, they’ll walk right back to the start.

The goose will only be safe once they’ve jumped off the step and landed on the ground. Be especially careful when approaching the step — it’s easy to catch the edge and allow the goose to walk too far ahead because you’re stuck.

General Tips

Even when you know what you’re doing here, it’s going to take a few tries and even some practice. These tips should help minimise the time you spend here.

  • Always maintain a short distance ahead of the goose so they don’t walk out of the range of your protection.
  • If one of you is struggling, swap places. The deer is a little more finicky to handle and can cause you to fail at the last moment if you’re not careful.
  • The goose tends to stumble when they reach the step. Watch out for this and wait for them to stand back up and start walking again if they do.
  • Ideally, let the goose blow across a little while before they reach the step. This gives time for those playing the second animal to get into the right position without becoming caught on the edge of the step.

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