Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night REVIEW – An Excellent Experience Marred By A Poor Port

Unfortunately, there are a number of issues with the game’s Switch port that prevents it from feeling like the perfect home for Bloodstained. For one, frame rate hitches are disappointingly common – it’s still playable, but feels like a lesser port.

There’s also some input lag, which we’re told is being patched. If there’s one genre that the Switch isn’t longing for, it’s Metroidvania, but in a world where Dead Cells and Hollow Knight run flawlessly on Nintendo’s console, it seems a shame that such a huge title needs to be patched significantly.

Aside from technical issues, Bloodstained remains an excellent title. It’s Castlevania in everything but name and fans of Igarachi’s earlier work will find a lot to love between excellent combat and rewarding traversal. The Switch port is harder to recommend at present, but the game is likely to be among the console’s best after a patch or two. Grab your pitchfork and torches, there’s huntin’ to do.


The Good:

  • Excellent combat
  • Fun traversal
  • Huge enemy variety
  • Deep RPG systems

The Bad:

  • Poor Switch optimisation
  • Backtracking not for everyone
  • Nintendo

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