Bravely Default 2: JP Orb Farming Guide

When it comes to Bravely Default 2, you’ll be leveling up plenty of jobs as you unlock more and more as you play through the story. Of course, leveling up those jobs will take some grinding, but this process can be made easier by using JP orbs — items that give varying amounts of Job Points depending on the size of the orb.

There are ways to farm these coveted items, and while the method is similar to farming for Booster Buns, as far fewer enemies have JP Orbs to steal, it’s not as effective to use the exact same tactic. However, there is at least one decent way to farm Small and Medium JP Orbs, and here’s everything you need to know about how to do it right.

Farming Prep

This farming method is going to be targeting Big Wiki-Wikis, which are prone to flee from battle. So, in order to be able to farm JP orbs effectively, there are a few things that you need to have/do first. You can do this with just one character if you wish, but doing this for all four characters will make your farming session a lot more effective.

  • Have the Beastmaster Job, unlocked via the storyline in Chapter One.
  • Level Beastmaster up to level 8 to get “Spearhead”, a passive ability that allows the user to go first in battle as long as they have a spear equipped.
  • Have the Thief Job, unlocked via the storyline at the end of Chapter One.
  • Level Thief up to 12 to get the “Magpie” ability, which gives a 25% of acquiring rare items when stealing, and “Rob Blind”, which means sometimes you’ll steal two items instead of one.
  • Purchase the Thief Gloves, available from the shop in Rimedhal for 2830pg, and will increase your chance of stealing by 15%.
  • Purchase a Spear for every character you intend to utilize for stealing JP Orbs (having all characters set up for this will make farming quicker).

You then need to set your characters up with Spears and the abilities listed above and have access to Rimedhal, and then you’re ready to farm.

There is another ability that can come in handy if you really want to go all out, and that’s the Freelancer’s level 6 ability “Lucky Charm”, which increases the target’s luck for five turns, improving your chances of stealing and of obtaining rare items when doing so.

Farming Method

The location you need to head to is the Jaws of Judgment dungeon, just round the corner from Rimedhal, as shown on the map above. Save before entering, in case you mess up while farming later on (you’ll see what we mean).

You need to travel to the lower levels of the dungeon, where the portal and save point are. If you’ve already been through this dungeon, you can shortcut through the portal straightaway. Head through the doorway next to the save point, then follow the path in the next area and take the first left you see, as shown below.

In the next area, you want to head up the dark blue ice slope on your right (as shown below). This is one of those slippery paths, so you’ll want to take it slowly or you’ll slip off and have to climb back up again.

Navigate around the path until you find yourself on a pillar with three chests — but don’t open them just yet. The top chest is a mimic, which will notify you that a “nasty surprise” has jumped out of the chest and will begin a battle. This is where you are going to be farming, so it’s super important that you do not defeat all the enemies within this chest — ever.

Ensure that your party is prepared with the right equipment and abilities and is all set up to steal, then open the chest to begin the battle. You will be facing two Big Wiki-Wiki enemies and three undead enemies. As previously mentioned, these Big Wiki-Wiki birds are prone to running away, but that’s where the “Spearhead” Passive Ability comes in, ensuring anyone with a spear equipped will act first.

Brave all your characters and choose “Steal” for the Big Wiki-Wiki enemies, who hold both Small and Medium JP Orbs. Rinse these guys of everything they have without killing, and then run away from the battle. If for some reason you mess up and kill all the enemies — that’s why you want that backup save file just in case.

Successfully running away while there are still some monsters alive will leave the chest sealed, and once you open it again, all of the enemies will be there once more. Steal from the Big Wiki-Wiki’s and then run away again, and rinse and repeat to farm as many JP Orbs as you want.

Of course, the method listed here works for any mimic chests, so if you find another chest that has ideal enemies to farm from, whether it’s for JP Orbs, Booster Buns, or Monster Treats, the same trick will work as long as you don’t kill all of the enemies and instead choose to run away.

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