Bravely Default 2 Tips To Know Before You Start

Bravely Default 2 has finally arrived as the “proper” sequel to Bravely Default on the 3DS. I’m not sure if this means Bravely Second is still a sequel or not, but regardless, there’s a lot to be excited about in this new title for Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t already invested in Bravely Default 2, make sure to read our full review to find out whether or not this is the game for you.

If you already have Bravely Default 2 in your hands or being delivered soon, then you need these tips. Bravely Default 2 does a few things differently to the earlier games in the series, and to make the most of these new adjustments and ensure you’re powerful enough to take on the entire game, you need the tips in this guide. We’re just going to breaking down some early tips and tricks with no spoilers, so feel safe to read on ahead and find out what you should prepare for before playing Bravely Default 2.

Treasure Chest Completionist

Treasure chests are located everywhere, in every dungeon, town, and even the overworld, and now you can track the number of them at all times – the number of chests in the current area is in the bottom right of the screen constantly, tempting you to take it down to zero, and you should.

The treasure chests will always include helpful items and weapons, so you should grab them whenever possible, and exploring the overworld for some experience and gifts is a good way to grind up your strength for the next fight.

Changing The Battle Encounter Rate

Monsters in dungeons and the overworld are now visible in Bravely Default 2, meaning you won’t be dealing with “random” encounters, and you’ll instead be able to avoid them, pre-emptively strike, or scare them away. This also means you will no longer be able to fully control the battle encounter rate, and turning them off is not an option.

Instead you can attempt to avoid, and use certain food items as lures, which will make repeat encounters against certain monster types more common, offering a lot of XP faster than usual. If you need to grind, this is the way to do it.

Monsters On The Run

Since random encounters are out, monsters can now interact with you on the field and in dungeons. If they touch you from behind, for example, they will actually start the battle with extra BP to use to damage you.

You should pre-emptively strike enemies whenever possible, and you should ideally attempt to level up enough in any given area so that the monsters flee from you when you approach. This will ensure you’re strong enough for the areas ahead.

Teleport Stones And Tents

MP ends up becoming a precious resource in Bravely Default 2 very quickly. Once you get into using bigger spells, MP restoring items just don’t pack enough of a punch. While in dungeons you will find warp points to take you back to the entrance. You should leave, use a tent to fully heal, and then go back to continue the fight.

If you’re in a tough spot and can’t find a warp point, you should use a Teleport Stone, and attempt to sidestep more enemies on your next run through.

More Default Than Brave

While you can get away with using up all of your BP at once to defeat monsters in a single turn, this becomes untenable very, very quickly. Enemies in Bravely Default 2 will be able to defeat the less-equipped members of your party fast, and leaving them open for long periods of time is dangerous.

Make sure to Default to stock BP and defend your weaker units in battle, and not leave units with less health and defence – like your mages – to die early.

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