Breath Of The Wild: Jee Noh Shrine Walkthrough

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There is something for (nearly) everyone in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The variation and freedom found in this game can be considered one of its core strengths, although its intentional lack of direction can turn some players off.

One strategy to navigate through this sprawling adventure is to tackle the Shrines that are scattered throughout the enormous map. These mini-puzzles are simultaneously innovative and a bit of a throwback to early puzzle-based games in the Zelda franchise. Jee Noh Shrine’s puzzle isn’t too complex, and its combat isn’t particularly dangerous, but it requires some precise controls over Link’s classic bow-and-arrow arms and runes. Get comfy with those motion sensors and bumper buttons!

Location Of Jee Noh Shrine

The Jee Noh Shrine is located in the Wasteland Region, at the bottom of a deep gorge. It can be easily accessed by jumping east off of the Wasteland Tower (located just to the northwest of Vah Naboris).

You can also access this Shrine by riding (or running) north-east along the path from the Gerudo Canyon Stable or riding south along the path from the Outskirt Stable.

Equipment And Runes Needed

Jee Noh Shrine is not a combat-heavy shrine, but there are a couple Guardian Scout I to take out. You will need a bow and at least four regular arrows, both to take out the Scouts and to move a couple of stone orbs. Definitely take more arrows than you need, since the shots are quite tricky to get exactly right. Optionally, you can use a shield to parry the attacks from the Guardian Scouts, although it's quicker and probably easier to take them out with arrows.

You will also make good use of Link’s Stasis rune in this shrine, and in order to collect all the chests, you will also need to use the Magnesis rune.

How To Solve The Jee Noh Shrine

The Jee Noh Shrine is comprised of three separate rooms with their own complete puzzle. You will need to solve the puzzle in each room to progress on to the next.

Room 1

In the first room, directly opposite of the elevator that Link arrives on, there will be a set of moving stone platforms suspended over a pit. They are too far away for Link to reach. Just beyond the moving platforms, there will be a glowing stone bowl with a space in the center. At intervals, a glowing stone orb will travel horizontally across the moving platforms.

Your object is to hit the glowing stone orb with an arrow, knocking it into the bowl. Use Stasis either on the moving platform, or on the orb itself, to make aiming at the rolling orb easier.

The trick with this shot is that it is very easy to hit the orb too hard with the arrow, knocking it past the stone bowl instead of into it. Try to hit the orb with a glancing shot to avoid pushing it too far. Once you knock the orb into the bowl, you’ll hear the “Puzzle Solve” chime, and a door will open to Link’s right.

Room 2

This room is very similar to the first, except the moving platforms move at a much slower pace, and they cart two Guardian Scout I along with a glowing orb. Use an arrow to take out each of the Scouts from afar first before they become aware of Link’s presence.

As with the first room, it’s very easy to overshoot the bowl when hitting the orb. This set of platforms moves so slowly you will likely not need to use Stasis; try to graze the orb again with an arrow when it is between Link and the bowl. Once the orb lands in the bowl, you will again hear the “Puzzle Solve” chime, and another door will open to Link’s left this time.

Room 3

The puzzle in this next room is a little bit different from the other two; Link will need to carry an orb across a moving platform to the stone bowl, while avoiding damaging lasers. Start by grabbing the orb from the spawn point to Link’s right when he’s first entered the room. If you ever lose your orb into the pit, a new orb will respawn here.

Holding the orb, run to the moving platform and head left across it, until you come to a pink laser blocking your way. The platform is moving right, which means Link will be significantly slowed down (and always in danger of being knocked off the end of it if you stop running). To Link’s right will be a parallel moving platform that is carrying stone blocks of various sizes to the left. Wait until one of the stone blocks is blocking the laser, the run left past the area where the laser would have damaged Link.

There will be a small stationary platform to Link’s left where you can rest. Set the orb down and look across to the moving platforms that are carrying the large stone blocks left. A chest will occasionally travel by in between the blocks. Use Magnesis to grab this chest and bring it to Link on the stationary platform. You will be rewarded with an Opal when you open this chest.

Once you’ve collected the chest, use Stasis to stop the laser machine next to the stationary platform. Quickly collect the orb again, and make your way further left across the moving platform until the next laser.

Repeat what you did with the first laser here – wait until one of the stone blocks on the parallel set of moving platforms is blocking the laser, then run left past it. The laser behind Link will start functioning again during this time. If Link gets hit by either of the pink lasers, he will lose a quarter heart and drop the orb.

Once you are past this last laser, run left to safety and place the orb in the bowl. This will open up the last gate on Link's right, that leads to Jee Noh, and Link’s Spirit Orb reward.

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