Bungie Enables Triple Dawning Spirit Rewards In Destiny 2

A little while ago, the Destiny 2 community did the math and discovered an uncomfortable truth. Despite the dizzying amount of cookie baking going on, players weren’t generating enough Dawning Spirit to complete The Dawning event’s community quest before it was set to end on January 5, which meant everyone would miss out on whatever grand prize Bungie has in store.

It was speculated that Bungie would pull a Season of the Worthy and gently massage the rate at which the community could generate Dawning Spirit, but it turns out that Bungie was having none of that. Instead of a slight boost to get us over the finish line, Bungie has supercharged The Dawning so that we all produce triple the amount we used to.

“We have enabled triple Dawning Spirit rewards from all sources for the remainder of the Dawning 2020 event,” Bungie wrote yesterday evening. Now instead of falling short by roughly 200 million Dawning Spirit, at triple speed, we’re likely to complete the quest within the next week or so.

Which brings us back to a far more enjoyable issue of trying to guess just what the heck the final Dawning gift will be. It’s gotta be something that the entire community can benefit from, so a reward of some weapon or armor seems fitting. The Dawning is an analog for Christmas, after all, so we gotta get something tangible.

My money is still on the Hawkmoon quest arriving so we can start rolling new versions of the recently-introduced Exotic hand cannon, but it’s entirely possible that Bungie has another Exotic hidden away from prying eyes until the quest is over.

We’re likely to find out one way or another within the coming days. In the meantime, keep baking those cookies and while you’re at it, check out Husky Raid’s latest holiday-themed dance number. These guys take Destiny 2 raid coordination to a whole new level. A very festive level at that.

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