Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Players Are Seeing Completely Different Things In The Multiplayer Lobby Screen

While Warzone 2.0 hasn't really launched in the best possible shape, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's campaign and multiplayer have done just fine. Of course, there will always be the occasional bug or glitch in a game of this magnitude, but so far, it's been relatively smooth sailing. The one aspect of Modern Warfare 2 we can point fingers at, however, is the overcomplicated menu UI that makes finding anything a task. Related to that is another relatively minor issue with the lobby screen.

As you probably already know, once you're in the multiplayer lobby, the screen will show your Operator all geared up, along with the rest of your team and their respective loadouts. At least that's what it's supposed to show. Players have been reporting that this particular feature hasn't been working properly – which is not a big deal, as it makes no difference to gameplay. What's interesting though, is that every player is seeing something different.

Over on Reddit, one player posted an image of the Modern Warfare 2 lobby screen showing all the Operators wielding the same golden chrome gun. "I would love to see what other weapons that my friends/ other people are rocking just like how it was in MW2019. I'm sick of seeing my own weapon just duplicated all over the screen," said Cschultz1212.

The comments soon filled up with other players describing what they would see in their respective lobbies. "Maybe if everyone looked like their skins, and actually carried their guns," said one comment. "But they are just constantly changing from me to warping out to coming back as default then back to me. All with my gun?"

Another said that the "showcase weapon never saves either and just goes back to the basic m4 after not very long. can’t wait to see how much of a wait we have until that’s fixed". While a third mentioned, "Today mine turned into a gold M4 with stickers. I don’t even have gold M4 camo unlocked." It seems the issue is quite erratic and there's no saying what you might see in the next lobby screen.

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