Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Grand Pix Map Returns As Crown Raceway

Just like Ferrari's F1 dreams this year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Grand Prix map all but disappeared last month. At the time, fans noticed that the map was not only missing from the closed beta – which Infinity Ward said it would be a part of – but every hint and mention of it was scrubbed from the game's social media channels and website. While no reason was given for pulling the map so suddenly, it has now returned to the game under a different name.

As spotted by Eurogamer, the map has now returned to the game after its launch, under the name Crown Raceway. However, the map doesn't look too different from its previous iteration, with the name seemingly being the only noticeable change.

The Grand Prix/Crown Raceway map is very evidently inspired by Singapore's Marina Bay Circuit, which F1 fans will recognise, as it's a major event on the race calendar. The previous iteration clearly emphasized that it was the same circuit set in Singapore. You could have easily guessed that thanks to some of Singapore's major landmarks in the background – Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel and the Marina Bay Sands hotel – as well as the Formula One cars scattered about the map.

Considering that the only major difference in the Crown Raceway version of the map is the 'Grand Prix' name, it could be that Infinity Ward and the FIA – the governing body for F1 – clashed over it. While the term 'grand prix' isn't exclusive to F1, it is the most popular connotation of the term. And, considering the circuit itself, the Singapore setting, as well as the F1 related machinery on the map, perhaps the FIA wasn't too happy being linked with a game where you shoot people.

It could also be that the FIA felt that it was a licensing infringement, after which Infinity Ward made just enough changes to make sure that it wasn't a legal issue anymore.

While the FIA might not want to be tied to an FPS, it seems FIFA has no qualms. On the heels of a CoD x FIFA collaboration rumour, skins for Messi and Paul Pogba have started appearing online.

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