Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass Tiers List

A Call of Duty Modern Warfare update will very soon drop "the biggest free content drop in franchise history" introducing oodles of new content for players to enjoy – without paying a penny more.

"Every single member of the Modern Warfare community can earn some of the tiers within the forthcoming battle pass system, including cosmetic items and two new base weapons," explained the Infinity Ward team on an Activision blog post last week.

More information about the battle pass will be coming on December 3, likely around the time the new content goes live.

For those wondering, you can follow the link above for more details about the launch day for Call of Duty Modern Warfare's battle pass.

However, in the meantime, you might be interested to know about some of the new content coming to the game in said battle pass.

Wouldn't you know it, dataminers on Reddit have already delved into the games PC code to discover what Infinity Ward has in store for all 104 tiers.

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As per Charlie Intel, "The Battle Pass consists of 81 Paid Tiers and 23 Free Tiers for a total of 104 Tiers, the first 4 of which are granted immediately after purchase. Tier Boosts can be purchased in increments of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100."

The games two new weapons are (thankfully) part of the free tiers you can earn, along with some free COD Points, too.

From the looks of the list, Season 1 will also contain 12 new operator skins, 20 blueprints and roughly 1,300 COD Points.

Although it's worth stressing that at the time of writing, it's not clear what the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass price will actually be.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass Tiers

Here's a look at the Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass Tiers:






0NoEpicChem DivisionOperator Skin
0NoRare NIGHTSHADEOperator Skin
0NoLegendary SKILL TRACK 55Watch
0NoLegendary 60 MIN 2XPXP Token
1YesRare THE PURISTBlueprint
2NoEpic Back to BackPlayer Card
3NoLegendary 60 MIN 2WXPWXP Token
4NoCommon Sweet MercyEmblem
5NoRare BlackspikeKnife Skin
6YesLegendary 100 CPCP
7NoRare 30 MIN 2XPXP Token
8NoRare WRONG TURNBlueprint
10NoRare URBAN HIPOperator Skin
11YesCommon BrokenSticker
12NoLegendary 100 CPCP
13NoRare 30 MIN 2WXPWXP Token
14NoCommon Masks OnSpray
15YesLegendary Holger-26New Weapon
16NoEpic BreachPlayer Card
17NoLegendary 100 CPCP
19NoRare RECONOperator Skin
20NoLegendary SAND SNAKEBlueprint
21YesRare Lethal DoseEmblem
22NoEpic 45 MINS x2 XPXP Token
23NoLegendary 100 CPCP
24YesRare STICK ‘EMCharm
25NoEpic 45 MINS x2 WXPWXP Token
26NoCommon CheckmateSticker
27NoRare STAY FROSTY (moved RD2)Blueprint
28YesCommon ChemWeapSpray
29NoCommon 15 MINS 2XPXP Token
30NoEpic DOWN RANGEOperator Skin
31YesLegendary RAM-7New Weapon
32NoLegendary 100 CPCP
34YesCommon ON ALERTPlayer Card
36NoCommon 15 MINS 2WXPWXP Token
37NoRare LethalityEmblem
38NoRare HADIR’S RIGHT HANDBlueprint
40NoRare ARMORED UPOperator Skin
41NoLegendary 100 CPCP
43NoLegendary 60 MINS 2XPXP Token
44YesRare Hot HeadedSticker
45NoRare THE TRAITORBlueprint
46NoLegendary 60 MINS 2WXPWXP Token
47NoRare BiohazardSpray
48YesLegendary 100 CPCP
49NoEpic Smoked ‘EmPlayer Card
50NoRare MARINEROperator Skin
51NoEpic BADDIEBlueprint
52NoEpic COG OF DUTYEmblem
53NoRare 30 MIN 2XPXP Token
54NoRare WALL HACKSCharm
55YesEpic LONG ARMBlueprint
56NoLegendary 100 CPCP
57NoRare 30 MIN 2WXPWXP Token
58NoRare SnakebiteSticker
59NoRare STYGIANBlueprint
60NoRare BUCKSHOTOperator Skin
61YesRare Mind BlownSpray
62NoLegendary DISCO STUDWatch
63NoEpic 45 MINS 2XPXP Token
64YesEpic Into the DarkPlayer Card
65NoEpic THE EJECTORBlueprint
66NoLegendary 100 CPCP
67YesCommon Death ToastEmblem
68NoEpic 45 MINS 2WXPWXP Token
69NoRare BOMBS AWAYCharm
70NoRare SOKOLYOperator Skin
71NoEpic SIBERIAN TIGERBlueprint
72YesCommon FetchSticker
73NoEpic 45 MINS 2XPXP Token
74NoLegendary 100 CPCP
75NoCommon HazardousSpray
76NoRare RIPTIDEBlueprint
77YesEpic Woods CutterPlayer Card
78NoCommon 15 MINS 2WXPWXP Token
79NoEpic GASSEDEmblem
80NoRare WETWORKSOperator Skin
81YesEpic BLOWBACKBlueprint
82NoLegendary 100 CPCP
83NoCommon 15 MINS 2XPXP Token
84YesRare SET TO BLOWCharm
85NoLegendary GILDEDBlueprint
86NoCommon Poison HeadSticker
87NoLegendary 60 MINS 2WXPWXP Token
88YesRare Hazmat SaviorSpray
89NoEpic StalkerBlueprint
90NoRare OVERGROWTHOperator Skin
91NoLegendary 100 CPCP
92NoEpic StandoffPlayer Card
93NoLegendary LIFE SUPPORTWatch
94YesEpic CAUSTIC AREAEmblem
95NoEpic SWAMP WEEDBlueprint
96NoLegendary 60 MINS 2XPXP Token
97NoEpic GAS THIS!Charm
98YesLegendary 100 CPCP
99NoLegendary CORRUPTERBlueprint
100NoLegendaryForest OpsOperator Skin

Check back here on December 3 for more details about the games Battle Pass, Price and more for Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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