Call Of Duty Players Disappointed That New Modern Warfare 2 Raid Requires Friends

Modern Warfare 2 just got Call of Duty's first-ever raid earlier this week. The raid, called Atomgrad, has three friends–emphasis on friends–storm a military base using a combination of stealth, puzzle-solving, and combat to get inside. As the name implies, the raid requires each player to work together to meet Atomgrad's challenges.

It also requires Call of Duty players to have people to play with. There's no matchmaking, so you'll actually need to have at least two other people on your friends list to invite into Atomgrad, and some players are finding that to be a difficult requirement to meet.

"I only have one friend who occasionally plays MW2, I also have kids which means I can only play the game when they're asleep, and my setup is right next to their room, which means I can't use a mic," wrote one disappointed Modern Warfare 2 player on Reddit. "IW not letting us at least matchmake with others makes this content inaccessible to some people."

Fans have speculated that the coordination required in the raid just made it too difficult for randoms without microphones to complete. While this allows certain Call of Duty players to enter Atomgrad–notably those with microphones and friends that also own the game–it's leaving some Modern Warfare 2 players out in the cold.

"I'm 40 years old, with two young kids and I work full time, I simply don't have the time to organize a 'Raid night' like the devs want," another Modern Warfare 2 player wrote. "Why on Earth would you make this mission not use matchmaking?"

Because raids are entirely new to the franchise, there are very few resources out there for players looking to team up for Atomgrad. There is a Call of Duty Discord associated with the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit which has several Looking for Group channels depending on your platform. That seems like the best place to start your search.

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