Call Of Duty: Warzone May Reduce Lens Flare In Verdansk ’84

It seems that the lens flare issue in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk ‘84 map will finally be addressed. A number of players have been complaining about the brightness settings and how it affects gameplay, especially if you’re standing in a shaded area looking out.

Players took to the Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit to complain about these issues, with IYIonaghan asking if there’s any way to adjust the brightness of the game, as the intensity of the sun makes combat five times harder.

Another Redditor, RGMN_Relentless specifically pointed out that the brightness issue was especially a problem when they would run indoors for cover. Looking out of windows puts you at a disadvantage as sniper scope glints would disappear behind the intense brightness.

However, it seems that the issue may soon be fixed. As spotted by Eurogamer, lead VFX artist at Raven Software, Reed Shingledecker tweeted in response to a Dexerto article talking about the issues. “Is this true? The sun lensflare in Verdansk ’84 is bothering people? I can easily tone it down if needed,” tweeted Shingledecker.

“Looks like I know what I’m doing on Monday. I’m happy to look and address any VFX concerns. Thanks for the feedback. I don’t have the power to change the entire lighting of the map though,” he further added before suggesting that fans tweet to Raven Software directly for overall lighting related issues.

However, it seemed like he was a bit overwhelmed by the responses he got regarding the issue, because he went on to clarify that he could only do something about the brightness of the lens flare on the screen. He mentioned that the haziness, god rays, and actual sun brightness was not within his power to control.

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently on an 80’s action movie nostalgia trip, with the inclusion of Rambo and Die Hard’s John McClane as playable operators. They will cost £16.79 each – that’s £33.58 for the pair, and you only have one month to grab them. Each of the two come with their own weapons and unique finishing moves. Nakatomi Plaza has also been added to the Verdansk ‘84 map.

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