Call Of Duty: Warzone Player Rips Activision After Dying From A Glitch

Call of Duty: Warzone has seen its fair share of epic kills, but this one is scraping the bottom of the barrel. A redditor filmed their recent death in Warzone at the hands of a player exploiting a new bug. In his frustration he titled the thread, “Only Activision could make a game where this is possible.” We’re not going to defend Activision, but it’s safe to say that other companies — we’re looking at you Bethesda — could probably make a game that’s even “buggier.”

The clip shows a player hunkered down on the second floor of a building, throwing grenades and shooting at a truck that is passing by. They land some great shots on the vehicle and seem to be dealing out a load of damage. The truck — realizing where the assault is coming from — turns around and starts heading for the player’s hideout. Of course, since they’re located on the second floor, they should be safe from the speeding vehicle.

At least, they would be if it wasn’t for a nasty glitch. The truck rams full-speed into the wall below the player and — somehow lands a kill. It’s a ridiculous bug that many players are taking advantage of, according to comments on the video. Vehicles seem to be drawing more and more disgust in Warzone as the weeks go by. Whether or not anything will change is unknown, so until then just run away from anything with wheels. Otherwise you might be cursing Activision, too.

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