Call of Duty Warzone server queue update: Modern Warfare matchmaking latest

Call of Duty Warzone queue times is leaving some gamers waiting extended periods to getting into a live match. Problems were first flagged a few hours ago and it appears issues with matchmaking are continuing into the weekend. The latest information from developers Infinity Ward and Activision reveals that problems have been ongoing for several hours, telling fans:

“We’re actively investigating an issue where some players are experiencing extended wait times while matchmaking in lobbies. Stay tuned for updates.”

Modern Warfare’s latest update also brought issues for gamers who were trying to patch their games on PS4 and Xbox One.

This included having to download two different patches and sometimes leaving players in a downloading loop.

Today’s problems are currently ongoing but don’t appear to be a worldwide outage. And that’s good news, as it means Call of Duty servers should return to normal much sooner.

For the latest news on all the current Call of Duty problem being looked into by Infinity Ward, you can find the official known issues list below:

It says the latest update for the game is 170 GB – PC

  • We’re investigating an issue related to the download size of the latest update (3/26).

The update progress bar says 100% but I can’t launch the game – Xbox One

  • We’re investigating an issue affecting the update/download progress bar on Xbox One.

My rank dropped to 1 after a playlist update – PlayStation 4

  • We’re investigating an issue causing ranks to display as 1 after a playlist update. This is a visual error; ranks are not lost.

I left a Regiment and got “Memory Error: 13-71” – All platforms

  • We’re actively investigating issues causing Memory Error: 13-71.

I got a Dev Error when I launched Warzone – PC

  • We’re investigating multiple PC Dev Errors, including 6080, 6034, 6323, 6328, 1109, 6036, 6070, 6066, 5759, and 6065.

I can’t revive myself in Warzone – PlayStation 4

  • We’re investigating issues with self-revive for players playing solo Warzone.

I’m getting a “Clan Tag Denied” message – All platforms

  • We’re investigating reports that some players are receiving a “Clan Tag Denied” message when attempting to create or change a Clan Tag.

I keep getting a message that says “Update requires restart” – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

We’re working to fix an issue causing players to get caught in an update loop. In the meantime, some players have found that clearing cache on their consoles ends this update loop. Follow the steps in this article to clear your console’s cache. In some cases, clearing cache may need to be done multiple times between attempts to load the game.

I’m getting Dev Error 6065/6066/6068. – PC

  • We’ve identified an issue that is causing hang crashes on the GPU, particularly during Campaign cutscenes. These crashes will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

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