Capcom Is Asking For Resident Evil 3 Feedback (And Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing)

A few weeks have gone by since the release of Resident Evil 3, and Capcom wants to know what you think about the base game and the bundled Resident Evil Resistance mode.

In a Tweet that contains a link to the survey, Capcom is interested to know what players think about the game, the entire Resident Evil franchise, how announcements and trailers impacted the game, next generation consoles, and so on. Interestingly enough, nearly everyone in the Twitter comments is saying the same thing – the game is too short and has a lot of removed content.

Scrolling through the Twitter post’s comment section, Twitter users are expressing their frustration with the game’s length and how there is simply not enough content to justify the full price of the game. According to those Twitter comments, if the game did not remove as much content as it did, and/ or if it was longer, then they would be more satisfied with the product. Additionally, most of those comments suggest to release DLC for Resident Evil 3 Remake that either offers more content, or brings the cut content back into the full game.

Additionally, with Resident Evil 4 Remake rumors swirling around the internet, many are worried that a similar approach will be taken with the game, as in removing a significant amount of content from it as well as making the game shorter than the original. Simply put, they do not want Resident Evil 4 Remake to end up like Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Although the survey simply asks for fan feedback, it does not necessarily mean that the feedback will be strictly applied to Resident Evil 4 Remake (if the game will even happen.) On the other hand, shortly after Resident Evil 3 Remake released, a Capcom survey asked fans if they would be interested in more remakes and sequels in the Resident Evil series. As such, the feedback from that survey and the current survey may very well apply to the next Resident Evil game – whether it be another remake or a whole new game.

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