Capcom Shows Off New Monster Hunter Rise Artwork

Capcom is giving fans a peek behind the curtain for their upcoming Monster Hunter Rise, a Switch-exclusive entry into the Monster Hunter franchise. Over the past few days, the official Monster Hunter Twitter has been posting exclusive looks at the game’s concept artwork. Specifically, they have shown off concept art for the Magnamalo monster, environmental items, and given sneak peeks at two armor sets within the game.

The concept art for some of the game’s monsters highlights how vicious, and similar to previous titles, the world of the game will be. Though, it is not all fangs and destruction in the world of Monster Hunter. Capcom also showed off the concept drawings for “Goocumbers”, a whimsically titled food favored by the Tetranadon.

Capcom also showed off some of the armor sets available within the game. The short video for the Great Izuchi armor offers a glimpse at the Palamute, a dog-like animal that Hunters can use as mounts while traversing the landscape of Rise. This is a new addition to the series and not a surprising one as the series is known for its Palicos or cat-like creatures that aid Hunters in battle. Like the Palico, players will be able to customize their Palamute with even more options than previously offered.

These behind-the-scenes look at the game are especially exciting considering the game was pushed back a month due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also exciting that the game will bring the world of Monster Hunter back to its roots with a focus on local co-op instead of online multiplayer. All of this, plus the previously confirmed news that Rise will offer skippable cutscenes and separate single and multiplayer quests, is pushing the game further and further up many “most-anticipated” lists.

Are these sneak peeks getting you excited to delve back into the world of Monster Hunter? If so, you can expect Monster Hunter Rise to drop exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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