Characters We Need To See In MultiVersus

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and the development team Player First Games are currently in the process of creating MultiVersus, a new cross-IP, multiplayer fighting game. Based solely on the few snippets of information that they’ve provided the public, there’s legitimate reason to be thrilled with what this particular project might become.

For starters, Player First Games has made it clear from the jump just how devoted they are to creating an experience that’s true to the characters Warner Bros. licensed, so that means a full roster of original voice actors. What’s more, the actual roster of characters is delightfully stacked: Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes, Garnet from Steven Universe, Batman from literally everything, and Arya Stark from Game Of Thrones, just to name a few.

Since they’ve made it their entire marketing scheme to please fans in a way that Nickelodeon’s recent brawler, unfortunately, failed to do, we’re going to publicly daydream about a few of the Warner Bros. characters we’d love to see make their gladiatorial debut. Here’s what we’ve got.

Yakko (The Animaniacs)

It stands to reason that one of the flagship cartoons for Warner Bros. should make an appearance in a game starring Warner Bros. intellectual property. Yakko, and his siblings, Wakko and Dot (collectively known as the Animaniacs), were notorious for causing hilarious mayhem that often led to physical and psychological damage for anyone in their proximity.

Admittedly, his move pool might fall into a similar vein as what we expect to see for Bugs Bunny, as they are both known for chaotic mischief, but their animations and voice lines would sufficiently differentiate them.

The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Listen, we know The Doctor has a “no fighting” rule, but considering the number of brawls they've started during the never-ending run of Doctor Who, maybe they’d be willing to add one more rager to their list. The Doctor’s presence would solidify the reach that MultiVersus seems to be hinting at with the addition of Arya Stark, too.

And the game wouldn’t even have to pick just ONE Doctor, either, because MultiVersus has already shown off costume variants! You could hypothetically spend one match as grumpy number 12 and the next running for your life as number nine, just to stay true to the character.

Freakazoid (Freakazoid)

Perhaps the deepest cut we’re bringing to the table is Freakazoid, the superhero protagonist of a Warner Bros. cartoon of the same name from the late ’90s that lasted for an entire two seasons before getting canceled, possibly for being the most absolutely ridiculous thing on TV (and that’s saying something for the network that brought us Pinky and the Brain).

Among Freakazoid’s powers are super speed, super strength, super intelligence (the entirety of the 1995 internet was in his head), telekinesis, and a Deadpool-like awareness of his existence within a television serial. In a game that already has a few DC heroes, Freakazoid would be the perfect balance to Batman and Superman’s more prominent name recognition.

Fred & George Weasley (Harry Potter)

The Harry Potter franchise is rife with characters who would be ideal for a fighting game: Hagrid could be a slow, heavy hitter, Lupin could switch between long-distance spells and close-range wolf claws, but the obvious choice seems to be Fred & George Weasley, the twin pranksters.

There’s a precedent for dual characters, too, just think of the Ice Climbers from Smash or Rin & Stimpy from All-Star Brawl. The Weasley twins could use their brooms to do aerial firework combos, or even better, whip out their beater bats. All we’re saying is that if Link can bring along every weapon he’s ever found in those dusty old temples, Fred & George could easily (and magically) tote around their entire array of Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

Lucy/Wyldstyle (The Lego Movie)

Honestly, any character from the Lego Movie would be welcome. Emmet seems like the most likely selection, should they go this route, but Wyldstyle displayed such a range of amazing talents in their movies that it would be almost a crime to not let her flex a little more.

We want to do sick flips all over the stage while dodging Wonder Woman's lasso, we want to shred the stage for spare parts and build some kind of lego-mech to totally trash Finn (even though he doesn’t deserve it), and we definitely want a special move where Lucy rides Unikitty across the arena in a blaze of rainbow-tinted glory.

Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice)

Say his name three times really fast, or slowly across the span of several seasons, either way, help us do everything we can to get Betelgeuse into the fray. It can be Michael Keaton’s version, or even Alex Brightman’s (there’s a musical, now, in case that name is foreign to you), it’s just incredibly important that we summon the spirit in the striped suit.

We’re thinking he would operate like the standard magic user, since Betelgeuse – no, we're not misspelling that name – can canonically teleport, shift his form, etc. The teleport would obviously be his dodge, and the transformation thing would probably work best as a taunt, but what we really want is to force Gandalf to sing Day O!

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

If you ignore the fact that her games technically fall under Sony’s jurisdiction, the Alicia Vikander and Angelina Jolie films are Warner Bros. property – yay for loopholes! Lara Croft is sorely needed to fill out the character roster. Not just because MultiVersus would be incomplete without her, but because she’s been left out of every smash-like, including Smash itself.

And that’s a shame. Lara Croft is as iconic as Indiana Jones, both of which inspired Nathan Drake, and he’s already popped up for a bit in Playstation All-Stars. From her dual pistols, to her bow, to her combat training, to her entire Solid Snake-esque arsenal, Lara Croft would be a riot of an addition that would easily bring that special spark.

Leonidas (300)

The king of Sparta is no stranger to battle, so, aside from the game’s rating, Leonidas would fit right in with the crew of MultiVersus. He feels like he’d operate a bit like the Fire Emblem characters in Smash, where he’d mix up swordplay and a little magic. Unlike Ike and Marth and company, though, he’d definitely throw some hand-to-hand combat in there, too. Maybe some screaming. For fun!

Frankly, the main reason we need Leonidas in MultiVersus is that his iconic kick would clearly be his special move that blasts opponents off the screen so fast that if you blink you'd miss it.

Michael Jordan (Space Jam)

There’s already speculation that Lebron James will be making an appearance in MultiVersus to rep the most recent Space Jam film, which essentially functioned in the same cross-IP capacity, but if we’re going to have a basketball star in the game, there’s no doubt that the better pick is Michael Jordan.

No shade to Lebron James, we just miss the OG. Regardless of which of the two shows up (if either), their move sets would probably be nearly identical, as the Space Jam sequel went to specific pains to ensure most of the bits from the first movie made it in. It really comes down to personal preference and nostalgia at that point.

Buddy The Elf (Elf)

This is the one. If the internet can coerce Sakurai to deliver Sora, then surely we can cultivate that same energy to convince Player First Games to bestow us with the gift of Buddy The Elf as a playable character in MultiVersus. It doesn’t even feel like that much of a stretch to say Will Ferrell would come back to voice some flavor lines, either.

Just imagine the move set! Buddy could barrage his foes with rapid-fire snowballs, he could trip them up in a maple syrup/oil slick situation, and his singing, well, that would easily cause some serious damage. Just imagine… “I’m singing! I’m fighting Shaggy and I’m singing!” You simply cannot convince us that wouldn’t brighten your day.

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