COD Warzone Intel Contracts – How To Complete All Hunt For Adler Challenges

Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is sharing a brand new event that will allow you to earn a brand new skin for Adler, Tortured & Rescued, in addition to a charm, sticker, and calling card. In this guide we’re going to break down how to earn it all.

Though you should keep one thing in mind: for all of the rewards, you will need to complete challenges in both Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War. If you only have one of those games installed, you will only be able to earn the Tortured & Rescued skin for Adler. The skin is certainly the best reward though, so if you’re only a Warzone player you’ll still be satisfied.

Don’t feel pressured to complete challenges for both games, and if you’re just a F2P Warzone player, don’t feel like you’re missing out. This guide is going to run you through everything you need to know to get as many rewards as you can, so just read below for the essential details.

How To Complete The Intel Contracts In COD: Warzone

In COD: Warzone you will need to complete several Adler Intel Contracts that can be found throughout the rebooted Verdansk 84 map. Go to the location specified below to find each relevant Intel Contract. Hunt For Adler contracts will appear on the map, so you can highlight them.

All of the Hunt For Adler contracts in Warzone are essentially scavenger-style contracts that will see you locating chests. Because moving through the map to complete these challenges can be hazardous, you might have better luck playing in a mode like Plunder so you respawn and continue your contract even if you get into a bad engagement.

Hunt For Adler Intel Contract 1 – Farmlands

One contract is found in a building in the Farmlands, to the North of the infamous Prison.

Hunt For Adler Intel Contract 2 – Summit

Another contract can be located at Summit, near the Dam.

Hunt For Adler Intel Contract 3 – Factory

This location can be found at the Factory near the Superstore, and the Hunt For Adler contract will be highlighted on the map.

How To Complete The Hunt For Adler Event In COD Black Ops: Cold War

If you also have access to COD Black Ops: Cold War, then you can unlock the maximum number of rewards for the current event. Luckily, all of the challenges in Black Ops: Cold War can be completed concurrently, and if you’re a strong shooter, then you should be able to clear through them all pretty swiftly.

Here are all of the Hunt For Adler challenges in COD Black Ops: Cold War.

  • Play and complete 7 games on Yamantau.
  • Kill 25 enemies that were revealed to you using the Spy Plane, HARP, or Field Mic.
  • Kill 25 enemies using a killstreak while you have the Assassin perk.

Your first goal should be make a loadout with the Assassin perk, Spy Plane and HARP killstreaks, and the Field Mic field upgrade. This sets you up to complete two of the challenges, as long as you manage to also use a third killstreak that will directly kill enemies.

Finally, you can currently play the new Yamantau map in a 24/7 playlist, so you just need to play seven full games in that playlist. With some luck you’ll be able to clear through these challenges in the space of those seven games.

Once all of those challenges are complete in both games, you’ll have the Hunt For Adler charm, sticker, calling card, and Tortured & Rescued Adler skin.

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