Coloured PS5 DualSense controllers have stronger springs in the triggers

A YouTuber has discovered that the new coloured PS5 DualSense controllers have upgraded triggers compared to the original.

When Sony announced new multi-coloured DualSense controllers for the PlayStation 5, no one was expecting them to be upgraded versions of the original. Anyone who has bought one has likely done so just because they wanted a pink, purple, or light blue controller.

However, it looks like Sony may have made some adjustments after all, albeit very slight ones most people would easily not notice. Specifically, these newer controllers have stronger springs in the triggers, aka the L2 and R2 buttons.

YouTuber TronicsFix, who specialises in repair videos, recently did a teardown of all three new controllers to see if there were any differences between them and the original white controller.

Most of the internals are more or less the same, which isn’t surprising since Sony never advertised them as new models, but there is a noticeable difference between the springs.

TronicsFix places one of the springs from the new coloured controllers next to one of the original’s springs and, even to an untrained eye, the newer controller’s springs are slightly thicker.

After taking some measurements, TronicsFix concludes that the new springs are about 0.30 millimetres thick, which is 0.5 millimetres more than the original springs.

So, what difference does this make? While minor, it’s obviously to make the trigger springs stronger and less prone to breaking or coming loose, which appears to be something of a common problem with the original model.

Even if you’re not fussed about the new colours, it may be worth picking up a new DualSense just for the technical upgrade, if you’re particularly worried about the triggers wearing out quickly.

It’s also easy to assume that any changes Sony has made with the new controllers will be implemented with the standard white controllers, as well as the red and black ones, if they haven’t already been. Although don’t expect Sony to make any sort of formal announcement about it.

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