Controversial Martha Is Dead Scene Edited For The Horror Game’s PlayStation Release

Wired Productions, the publisher for LKA’s upcoming horror game Martha Is Dead, has revealed that one of the game’s controversial scenes has been edited ahead of its PlayStation console release. The scene will remain intact and unaltered on PC and Xbox versions of the game. 

The scene in question has been shared all over Twitter and other social platforms but it essentially boils down to the actual gameplay. In it, the first-person playable character essentially has to cut the face off of a dead girl and then wear said face. It’s quite graphic, and the game requires you to manually execute this task. It seems that the sequence’s playable element has been edited out. 

“It is with regret that we have had to modify the experience on the PS5 and PS5 versions, with some elements no longer playable,” Wired Productions’ statement reads. 

A statement on Martha Is Dead

Based on that wording, it seems the scene will remain but will play out as a pure cinematic. As a result of this change, Martha Is Dead will still launch digitally on PS5 and PS4 this Thursday, February 17, but the physical editions of it will launch at a later time – Wired Productions’ anticipated a “small number of weeks” for the delay. 

“The PC and Xbox versions of Martha Is Dead are both unaffected by these developments and will launch with the full unedited gameplay as planned,” the statement reads. 

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