Cookie Run: Kingdom – The Best Ways To Earn Coins

Cookie Run: Kingdom has many important types of currency you can acquire to get new Cookies, make your teams stronger, or just give your residents new costumes. Coins are one of the most essential currencies, as you need them in both the battle and kingdom-building aspects of the game.

You need coins to upgrade and change your Cookies' Toppings as well as set up and upgrade buildings in your kingdom. The further along you get, the more coins you'll have to spend to continue upgrading your Cookies and kingdom. Thankfully, there are a bunch of ways to earn the coins you need.

7/7 Tower Of Sweet Chaos

The Tower of Sweet Chaos tests your Cookies' strength and endurance with battles that become harder as you climb it. The higher you go, the better the rewards you'll get, and this includes coins.

Time Jumpers let you skip through the highest possible floors you've already completed to get more coins from them. There are also floors that contain Treasure Chests rather than battles, and many of these chests contain a hefty amount of coins.

6/7 World Exploration Battles

There are a lot of chapters in World Exploration, and tons of battles in each chapter. Every battle gives you coins when you clear it. The further along the battle is, the more coins you'll earn.

Like with the Tower of Sweet Chaos, you can quickly farm coins from the highest battles you've cleared by using Time Jumpers to skip them and earn the rewards instantly. Each battle stage has a limited number of times you can challenge it per day, but you'll never really run out of stages to redo, since there are so many of them.

5/7 Certain Common Treasures

The Cheesebird's Coin Purse is a Common Treasure that you'll most likely be seeing a lot when you use the Treasure gacha. Equipping it for battles gives you the chance to get extra coins after defeating an enemy. At level one, the chance to receive coins starts at 20 percent, and it can go all the way up to 80.5 percent at its maximum level.

The Ginkgoblin's Trophy Safe is a Common Treasure that'll give you more coins after every battle you win. The increase starts at five percent and can go up to ten percent. It also acts as a coin magnet for those sections in some stages where your Cookies have to jump to catch as many coins as they can, making it easier for them to do so.

4/7 Tree Of Wishes

If you're willing to part with some of your materials and items, the Tree of Wishes is a pretty fruitful source of coins. Every time you fulfill a Cookie's wish by giving them the items they wish for, you'll be awarded coins. The rarer the item, the more coins you'll be awarded for giving it up.

There's a boost to the Tree of Wishes on weekends that'll give you even more coins than usual, so make sure to take advantage of that if you're low! You can also upgrade parts of the Laboratory or the Statue of Heroic Radiance to permanently increase how many coins the Tree of Wishes will give you per wish.

3/7 Fountain Of Abundance

The Fountain of Abundance gives you all sorts of goodies, especially at higher levels. You don't have to do anything for this one; just wait for it to fill up and collect your rewards. The more you upgrade it, the more coins it'll give you. Upgrading it also means it'll fill faster, and its cap will be higher, making it easier to collect from it more often.

One caveat is that upgrading the fountain requires you to upgrade your castle first, something which takes a lot of time, materials, and coins to do. However, if you're able to, upgrading your castle and fountain will have you earning more than enough to make up for it in the long run.

2/7 Tropical Soda Islands

Once the Tropical Soda Islands are unlocked, it's a good idea to explore them every time you have enough Map Fragments and Caramel Spyglasses. Many of the islands you liberate will produce coins, and all you have to do is collect them from the ship that docks every few hours.

Besides the islands, there are also Treasure Chests hidden in the archipelago. Some of them give you a huge amount of coins when you open them. This is a good way of earning coins both actively and passively.

1/7 Participating In Events

Being an ongoing online game, Cookie Run: Kingdom always has events going on, with a bunch of great rewards. Coins are always part of those rewards, and sometimes they're particularly generous with the amount you can earn.

The events range from completing missions like fighting a certain number of battles daily to doing exclusive activities that only last for as long as the event does. When one event is over, another has probably already begun. Because of that, they're a good, steady source of coins.

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