Coral Island: Guide To Skill Points

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Mastering your skills in Coral Island can take time, but it's more than worth it. Dive for treasure and heal coral reefs, get your hands dirty mining in the Cavern, or go foraging for collectibles as you hone your craft. However, earning skill points has a little more to it than just crafting and collecting

You'll need to think carefully about investing your points into dedicated skills trees, each one providing special buffs and abilities to make the going that much easier. Here's how the skill point system works on this relaxed, sun-kissed isle – and how you can make the most of it.

How To Build Your Skills In Coral Island

Carrying out certain skilled tasks will earn you not only gold but skill points to boot. These will be awarded to you at the end of the day, visible on your summary screens before you wake up in the morning.

On Coral Island, there are eight skills you can build and keep track of from the Mastery page in your inventory screen. Each skill has a necessary attribute or tool needed to carry it out:

SkillTool NeededHow To Unlock
FarmingTrowel and Watering CanGiven to you on Day One
FishingFishing RodAfter visiting the Beach Shack after being invited in the post
CatchingBasic NetAfter visiting the Beach Shack after being invited in the post
MiningPickaxeGiven to you on Day One; unlock The Cavern
DivingWetsuitGiven to you after being asked to visit the Diving Pier
ForagingN/APick flowers and collect shells that have the Harvest interaction above them
CombatBlunt SwordGiven to you at The Cavern
RanchingCoop, Stable, BarnConstruct at The Carpenter's house

You can eat some flowers such as daffodils to gain a catching skill buff, as well as sea clams and diving snacks to give yourself a diving buff! Buffs allow you to build skills faster.

How To Spend Skill Points

At the end of each day on your summary screen, you will see how many skill points you have earned from carrying out your daily tasks and missions.

These can be viewed from the Mastery section of your inventory screen, where you will be able to spend them in their respective trees.

There are four levels to unlock per skill, and you need to purchase all five skills in each level before you can access those of the next level up. The good news is that gaining skill points – at least early on – is a relatively quick process, and each skill ability only costs one point.

From having your soil stay wet for two days to collecting twice as many crops when you harvest items, it's easy to overlook the Mastery screen if you don't know how to find it. The game never prompts you to spend skill points, and they will build up over time unless spent strategically.

Check back frequently, because a few are bound to slip beneath your radar!

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