Creative Assembly Launches Investigation Into Allegations Against Former Employee

Video game development studio Creative Assembly recently put out a statement that it was "aware of deeply concerning allegations" about a former employee. Several developers have claimed the dev in question is Baj Singh who worked at the studio between August 2013 and December 2021.

CA's statement assures that the company is "investigating this matter through an external party to fully understand what happened." The statement also reads that the studio is committed to providing a safe working environment and an email address where former CA employees can reach out to support the investigation has been posted below the statement: [email protected].

It seems allegations may have been circulating for some time now. Last week, developer Xavier Coelho-Kostolny tweeted, "Since I have no skin in this game: several folks I know have outed Baj Singh as a main culprit of abuse and coverups."

Creative Assembly do not mention anyone by name in its statement. Another tweet from developer Danny Sweeny also suggests Baj Singh is the person being investigated. Sweeny claims "The culture that allowed him, and men like him, to thrive, is still [present at Creative Assembly]."

Allegations of abuse are rife within the gaming industry. Frances Townsend, the chief compliance officer of Activision Blizzard and torture apologist stepped down from her role after previously denying the allegations levied against the company.

At Ubisoft, an employee group says progress made to reform the company has been "painfully slow" and alleged abusers remain in powerful positions.

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