Crimson Desert Devs Say "Every NPC, Event, And Side Quest" Will Serve A Purpose

Pearl Abyss just released two lengthy developer commentaries focused entirely on the upcoming Crimson Desert. One of the most shocking revelations in the footage was announced by Seongwoo Lee, Crimson Desert’s producer, who claimed all NPCs in the game will “serve a purpose.”

We’re not sure if that’s an exaggeration but – based on the NPC interactivity in Black Desert – they could be completely serious. In Black Desert, Pearl Abyss’ most popular game to date, nearly all NPCs interact with the character in some way. From simple conversations to handing out quests, almost everyone roaming the streets in its ambitious MMORPG can provide you with some sort of value. Crimson Desert is looking to improve nearly everything fans loved about Black Desert, so there might actually be a kernel of truth to their claim.

“All villagers going about their daily lives and every NPC, event, and side quest in the game were created for a purpose… We really put in an effort to get all the details of the world just right,” said Lee. Quests will grant you new skills and abilities, events will provide you with a change of pace from the usual grind, and NPCs will go about their daily routine, adding a sense of realism to Crimson Desert’s sprawling world.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the ambitious game from Pearl Abyss, although there’s plenty of hype surrounding the title after its showing at The Game Awards. It’s five-minute trailer was a bit scattered – showing off loads of gameplay but no commentary – but the footage shown was impressive, nonetheless. Things are still a bit murky when it comes to the multiplayer aspects of Crimson Desert, as Pearl Abyss has slowly shifted from calling it an MMORPG to an online action game.

No matter what it is, we’re excited to see more of it in the coming year. Crimson Desert is scheduled to release in Winter 2021.

You can view the other Crimson Desert developer commentary here.

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