Cult Of The Lamb: All Rituals, Ranked

What's a cult without a strange ritual? Or, you know, many such rituals? In Cult of the Lamb, your ability to grow your cult and inspire loyalty and obedience may hinge on the rituals you enact.

With twenty rituals to choose from, it's safe to say your followers will not go long without some sort of faith-boosting exercise. Whether they're pleasant celebrations of your religious fervor or the bloodthirsty actions of a murderous leader is up to you. Either way, not all these rituals are created equal; some may be much more appealing than others.

20 Loyalty Enforcer

Did you ever wish there was a cop who wandered around and made your followers feel more loyal to you? Well, you're in luck, because that's precisely what the loyalty enforcer does.

For a set amount of time, you can appoint one of your followers to gather loyalty from your devout followers. However, your overall faith will fall with every appointment. No one ever said being a cult leader was nice.

19 Ritual of Enrichment

Cults make bank, and if you're running one, you might as well get a cut. This ritual forces your followers to give you a large sum of money, which can be very handy in the early game.

However, as you progress further, you will find yourself swimming in cash, making this ritual a waste of a perfectly good doctrine.

18 Tax Enforcer

No one likes it when the taxman comes, and your followers are no different. With this ritual, you can select a follower to roam your compound and receive money from your hard-working followers.

You can tell yourself that you will use the money to do things for your loyal cult, though we all know you're just going to buy more follower forms. No shame in it.

17 Ritual of the Ocean's Bounty

The problem with this ritual is that fish are already so abundant that it can take multiple in-game days to catch 'em all.

This ritual feels a little unnecessary, unless you're really into fishing. After all, it can be a relaxing activity, though the crowded pond may make you rethink that once you see the abundance of fish that spawns without the ritual in place.

16 Ritual of Resurrection

Sometimes, you'll lose a follower that you want to keep around. Sure, your followers may have the same personalities, and their appearance is the only thing that distinguishes them. Still, it's hard not to get attached to the cute little critters.

If you're really missing a particularly loyal follower, then resurrection is only a ritual away; otherwise, there are plenty of other options for you.

15 Bonfire Ritual

A very classic cult activity that has an almost folkloric feel to it, dance the night away by the flickering fire, and see how quickly your devotion rises. This is the first ritual you unlock, and it's, of course, a solid one.

It requires very little to get going, and leaves everyone happy, though, presumably, with some sore feet. Basic, yet timeless.

14 Sacrifice of the Flesh

What's a cult without a bit of sacrifice? This ritual is inevitable, one you must perform to move forward. The One Who Waits doesn't care if you feel good about it, just that you do it.

A good ritual for the bloodthirsty among us, though it doesn't hold a candle to the more creative ways you can free up some bed space in your cult. That is to say, either straight-up murder, fights to the death for your amusement, or, if you're not a total monster, maybe peaceful ascension.

13 Glory Through Toil

Breaks? Who needs breaks? Your followers are not unionized, and your bidding is their will, so they will gladly work endless hours if you ask them. And they'll feel good about it, don't worry about them for one second.

Running a cult is hard work, after all, and when have you ever seen the lamb sleep? It's only fair that your followers emulate your example. And obedient flock, this is.

12 Ritual of Enlightenment

This ritual allows you to generate more devotion at your shrine and at any lamb-themed idols you've constructed for your cult's viewing pleasure. It's practical, for sure, though eventually with enough followers you will be generating more devotion than you'll know what to do with.

This is a great ritual for the early game, but can feel obsolete as time wears on and you unlock more and more of the cult skill tree.

11 Fight Pit Ritual

No rules say you can't talk about the fight pit, so feel free to speak your mind about this violent ritual. Of course, making followers fight to the death might not seem especially pleasant. Still, it can give you another way to dispose of unruly dissenters.

This ritual has a few downsides: sparing the loser's life can cause the loss of faith. So, as entertaining as it can be to watch, this ritual is only suitable if you're seeking to make yourself into a particularly bloody cult leader.

10 Ritual Fast

Unless you're using the "loves grass" doctrine, your poor followers may starve more often than not. However, it can be hard to balance all their needs in between dethroning demi-gods and fishing minigames, so if you want to just push pause on their hunger stats, this ritual lets you.

Hopefully, by the time their fast is over, you will have ample food for them. Until then, it's just a great way to sidestep your responsibilities.

9 Alms for the Poor

It's called redistributing the wealth, and it's one of the few objectively decent things you can do as a cult leader. Sure, it gets you a decent chunk of faith and loyalty, but do you really need that much money?

Not that there is anything for your followers to buy. It's the thought that counts, right? A happy cult makes for a happy cult leader.

8 Feasting Ritual

Nothing brings people, or cults, together faster than a good meal. Food is scarce for your cultists, and if you're having trouble finding the ingredients to make them a decent meal that won't get them sick or isn't just grass gruel, this ritual has you covered.

It will fill up their hunger and make them love you, at least temporarily. Just don't ask what, exactly, they're eating. It's probably best not to know.

7 Funeral

With the funeral ritual, you can give your followers the chance to say goodbye to a dearly departed fellow cult member. Flowers will appear on their graves and collect devotion for you to gather. Gone though they are, their memory, and usefulness, live on.

Of course, you can give them a funeral in the interest of being nice if you feel like it. No one will judge you either way.

6 Ritual of the Harvest

Farming is hard. Between deciding where the plots of land should go, keeping them watered, and keeping the persistent birds away, it's no picnic. That's especially true if you don't yet have all the buildings required to have your followers maintain the upkeep.

This ritual will cause everything you've planted to sprout to maturity. With such a bountiful harvest, you'll be able to feed your followers.

5 Brainwashing Ritual

Now, this is a party. These psychedelic mushrooms leave your followers hypnotized, wandering through the base with vacant, though joyful, expressions. A great ritual to choose if you know you're going to be dungeon crawling, fishing, or playing knucklebones for a while.

Your followers will wait for you, loyal as ever. Just with frighteningly swirly eyes and a little too much pep in their step.

4 The Glory of Construction

Sometimes, you set a bunch of buildings down but don't have the energy to do all the installation yourself. Sitting there, holding one button for what can prove to be a reasonably long pause in the dungeon-crawling gameplay.

Fear not; this ritual completes every building you've either been too busy or too lazy to finish yourself. It's a ritual that never loses its usefulness, even late in the game.

3 Wedding

Like any good cult leader, you simply have to have several spouses at your side. Or one, if you're the loyal sort. The wedding ritual is cuter than anything else. It also allows you to kiss your spouse once a day, raising their loyalty.

Everyone loves a wedding, though be warned your spouses may get jealous of one another. Still, this great, light-hearted ritual has more benefits than downsides.

2 Ascend Follower

If you are trying your hardest to be a benevolent cult leader, yet still find yourself dealing with a pesky dissenter, the solution is here. Sometimes, you just don't want to brutally sacrifice a follower, even if they're rolling around your base with a microphone.

They look so happy as they reach another plane of existence – and this doesn't lose you any faith or loyalty, unlike a straightforward sacrifice. It's the perfect compromise for those of us who aren't too hot on the "death" thing.

1 Holy Day

Your followers need a break. Whether you're working them to the bone or not, this leisure day will give them, and you, much to celebrate. This ritual is the easiest way to raise faith, though it has a long cooldown time.

You get to see your cute little followers in vacation attire, laughing and chatting with one another without a care in the world. You're a good cult leader, attuned to their needs, and you know they deserve a day of leisure. Sacrifice productivity for the sake of your cult. You won't regret it.

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