Cuphead’s Kids Meals Now Available At Arby’s

There are few games as charming as Cuphead. The combination of its Contra-inspired gameplay and 1930s cartoon art style has made it a major hit. Its success has led to it being ported to every console and having graphic novels written about it. It’s even going to get its own cartoon series on Netflix sometime in the hopefully not-so-distant future.

But the true hallmark of success is not measured in TV shows or comic books. No, the real sign that your fledging franchise has hit the big time is when you get your own kids meal toys. There is nothing better than having figurines made in the likeness of your iconic characters be sold with a burger and fries. It’s an honor that has alluded Cuphead’s creators over at Studio MGMR…Until now. Because finally, there’s an official Cuphead kids meal.

Unfortunately, it’s at Arby’s.

That’s right, the purveyors of Beef ‘N Cheddar sandwiches are selling Cuphead kids meals for a limited time. While this is great news for MGMR and Cuphead fans everywhere, this announcement has informed us all that Arby’s has kids meals. Meaning that some parents out in the world actually take their children to eat at Arby’s. This is truly horrifying.

The toys themselves are rather unorthodox for fast food toys. They include “token launchers” which appear to fire projectiles. That makes sense considering Cuphead and Mugman’s attacks involve firing bullets out of their fingers. Parents are no doubt going to love their kids having access to plastic weaponry that they can shoot off in the back of the minivan.

The other toys are papercraft kits of various Cuphead bosses that can be assembled. The characters include the moody sunflower Cagey Carnation, the airborne Hilda Berg, and the gambling-obsessed and incredibly difficult to defeat King Dice. There’s also one that appears to be Cala Maria, although she’s partially offscreen. Perhaps due to the fact that a bikini-clad snake lady may not be considered family-friendly enough for advertisements.

Judging by the tweet sent out by Arby’s, the idea seems to be that the token launchers will be fired at the papercraft bosses simulating the game’s combat. That’s a great concept in theory, although I’m just waiting to hear about someone losing an eye to one of these things.

In addition, these meals will also allow fans of Cuphead and curly fries to gain special face filters based on the game. To access them, you’ll need to download a special app created by Arby’s. Yes, apparently Arby’s makes apps now.

These meals will be sold in locations across the US and Canada for the next 12 weeks. There are eight toys in total, so there’s plenty of time to collect them all. However, that would mean you’d have to eat at Arby’s at least eight times, and it’s hard to say if anything is worth that kind of sacrifice.

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