Curious Expedition 2: Everything To Know About Explorer Clubs

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In Curious Expedition 2, you will have the opportunity to partner with three different Explorer Clubs; the Royal Avalon Society, Lux Labs, and Taishi Academy. These Clubs will provide you with the necessary funds for exploration, grant you access to special and unique items, and provide additional services.

Each Explorer Club has something great to offer, so you should do your best to upgrade them all. However, if there's a particular item or character you want from a specific Club, focusing your resources there can be worthwhile, too. Let's take a look at what you can expect from each Explorer Club, and the items you can unlock from each.

Explorer Clubs

As mentioned above, each time you begin an exploration, you will choose one of three Explorer Clubs to fund your journey. When you return from an exploration, all the valuables you gathered up will be donated to the Club of your choice, allowing you to upgrade them. Eventually, when you've donated enough valuables, the Club will rank up, unlocking new characters, equipment, or items in the provision store.

Items that are unlocked for the provision store will be available to purchase when selecting the relevant Explorer Club the next time you head off on an expedition. For example, this means you'll only be able to buy Tea or Water of Legend for an exploration when allied with the Royal Avalon Society. Keep this in mind when deciding which Club to partner up with before each exploration.

Royal Avalon Society

The Royal Avalon Society is home to the gentlemen and gentlewomen of the Exposition Universelle. Here you can find valuable items that will aid in exploration, as well as the unique characters Sikh Warrior and Corgi. Every item you can unlock by leveling up this club is listed below.

NameTypeCostUnlock Rank
Sikh WarriorCharacter8 TicketsRank 4
CorgiCharacter8 TicketsRank 8
Hiking StickEquipment12 TicketsRank 2
TalwarEquipment9 TicketsRank 6
PithEquipment6 TicketsRank 7
KaraEquipment6 TicketsRank 9
Elephant GunEquipment15 TicketsRank 13
TeaProvision15 FundsRank 3
ChakramProvision8 FundsRank 5
Water of LegendProvision15 FundsRank 10
Heavy Carrier PigeonProvision10 FundsRank 11
False GrailProvision35 FundsRank 12

In addition to these items, you can also use the special feature of this club to Cure Ailments. Ailments are harmful effects that are sometimes inflicted on your trek members. Usually, you can't get rid of them, but the Royal Avalon Society can cure any Ailment for just five tickets.

Lux Labs

The scientists and inventors of Exposition Universelle can be found at Lux Labs. Here, you can find useful inventions and tools that will assist you on your exploration. Each character and item you can unlock is detailed below.

NameTypeCostUnlock Rank
EngineerCharacter8 TicketsRank 4
KinetographerCharacter8 TicketsRank 8
Stun ProdEquipment12 TicketsRank 2
Rubber GlovesEquipment6 TicketsRank 7
Edison GunEquipment17 TicketsRank 12
LemonadeProvision10 FundsRank 2
Therapy PaddlesProvision10 FundsRank 3
Overcharged BatteryProvision8 FundsRank 5
BeaconProvision10 FundsRank 6
Electric TorchProvision10 FundsRank 6
PhonographProvision30 FundsRank 9
Electric MegaphoneProvision15 FundsRank 10
Transporter ModuleProvision50 FundsRank 11
Electro BarrierProvision10 FundsRank 13

In addition to these unlockables, the Lux Labs will also allow you to upgrade your gear. Upgrading a piece of equipment will cost a few Tickets, depending on its current level, and will increase the item's power. If you feel like you're falling behind enemies in terms of power, try upgrading your gear at Lux Labs.

Taishi Academy

Specializing in the supernatural, the Taishi Academy will provide terrain-transforming scrolls and other magical goodies for your explorations. Listed below is everything you can unlock by upgrading the Taishi Academy.

NameTypeCostUnlock Rank
Acaddemy MasterCharacter8 TicketsRank 4
Taoist MonkCharacter8 TicketsRank 8
Butterfly SwordsEquipment12 TicketsRank 2
The Art of WarEquipment8 TicketsRank 7
Sandalwood BraceletEquipment7 TicketsRank 9
Kongming FanEquipment6 TicketsRank 12
Repeating CrossbowEquipment17 TicketsRank 13
Fog Burn ScrollProvision8 FundsRank 3
Earth-Sink ScrollProvision8 FundsRank 3
Earth-Raise ScrollProvision8 FundsRank 3
Random Teleportation ScrollProvision8 FundsRank 3
Renewal ScrollProvision8 FundsRank 3
FirecrackersProvision5 FundsRank 5
Xue Die ZiProvision25 FundsRank 6
Amulet BagProvision10 FundsRank 10
Moon CakeProvision20 FundsRank 11

For a small fee of Tickets, you can also train your characters at Taishi Acadamy. Training a character will grant them 10 experience points, which you can use to promote that character, granting them new and upgraded abilities. Training your characters is the perfect way to make strong party members even stronger.

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