Cyberpunk 2077 Gimme Danger Guide – All Infiltration Options, Best Approach

Gimme Danger is the next quest in Cyberpunk 2077 after Down on the Street. To start this quest, you’ll need to finish Down on the Street and wait 24 in-game hours for Takemura to call you.

The main objective of this quest is to breach a high-security Arasaka facility in order to obtain valuable information about a parade that Hanako Arasaka will be attending. There are multiple different ways of getting into the facility, all of which affect how the quest plays out. If you’re clever, you might be able to completely avoid all conflict, but you can also go in guns blazing if you fancy it.

If you’re looking for the best approach to the Arasaka facility in Cyberpunk 2077, here’s a good on every infiltration option in Gimme Danger.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gimme Danger Guide – All Infiltration Options, Best Approach

You’ll start Gimme Danger as soon as Takemura rings you 24 hours after finishing Down on the Street. Your destination is Kanzaki Street in Japantown. Takemura is waiting for you at a market, but it’s not on ground level. Make sure to follow the suggested trajectory on the minimap, which will guide you to an elevator you can ride up to the upper level. Once you chat to Takemura and take a look at the shard he has, you can progress to the next part of the quest.

Takemura will ask you to break into a security centre in Japantown as a means of testing your proficiency before moving on to the larger Arasaka gig. If you have a high body attribute, you can simply force the main door open – otherwise climb up on top of the roof above it and remove a panel from the wall, which reveals a tunnel you can go through to arrive at the same room.

Hack the computer inside – which is highlighted by a quest marker – and make your way back the way you came. Chat to Takemura and decide whether you want to accompany him to scout the Arasaka facility, or leave him to do it on his own. We highly recommend accompanying him, as it is an important step in befriending Takemura in the long run, and can even affect the Cyberpunk 2077 ending you get.

Once you tell Takemura you will accompany him, you will automatically be transported to the area outside the Arasaka facility. Follow Takemura and press the button on the elevator to travel up to the roof. You need to scan devices and objects in the industrial park below you in order to conduct recon for the mission ahead. Scanning at least four clues will mark the objective as complete, but there are two clues in particular that you should definitely focus on:

  • If you scan the van to the right of the complex, you can rob it and use it to pose as an Arasaka employee, allowing you to enter the facility without any issues.
  • If you are a Corpo, you can scan the sentry to the left of the park and obtain information that you can then use to make him let you inside without any conflict. Tell him you’re here for an “unscheduled inspection.”


Once you’ve finished scouting the area, leave the rooftop with Takemura. Aside from the two options mentioned above, you can also enter the facility using the footbridge that is accessible from the area you scouted the facility from. Ideally, you should remain crouched and use stealth takedowns to get rid of all the guards on the way – there are two on the footbridge itself. This route takes you through a security office and underground tunnel, meaning it’s quite lengthy and requires a lot of stealth – this is definitely for people who are a bit more patient and willing to make slow and steady progress.

If you used the van to pose as an employee, you will be able to access the facility via a side door that is only manned by a single guard, who can easily be distracted by quickhacking the camera above him. Once you do this, hop onto the barrels and make your way forward – you’ll have a clean route the whole way to the warehouse.

Obviously, going in guns blazing is also an option, although it’s worth noting that there are plenty of enemies here and it won’t be an easy fight.

Once you’ve made your way inside the warehouse with the information you need, read the shard called, “Arasaka Industrial Park: Infiltration” to obtain the details you need to hijack the parade float. Takemura will update you with an escape route, which will be marked as a trajectory on your minimap – it’s a much quicker route than the one you probably took to get in here in the first place. Climb up the crates on to the roof and jump down onto the ground just outside the facility’s security perimeter to finish the mission.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gimme Danger Guide – How To Befriend Takemura

As previously mentioned, this quest also features an important decision pertaining to your friendship with Takemura. You will be given the option to accompany him to scout out the facility prior to the infiltration, or to leave him to his own devices. We recommend going with Takemura, as this is how you strengthen your relationship with him.

  • Later in the quest you will unlock a conversation with Takemura where the two of you can challenge each other’s ideals in a healthy way. This changes Takemura’s storyline throughout the rest of the game.
  • Takemura will tell you what really happened to Jackie during this conversation.
  • As mentioned in a previous section of this guide, this also allows you to easily enter the Arasaka facility without having to engage in combat, either by using your Corpo background to convince a guard to let you in, or by posing as an Arasaka driver.

Provided you befriend Takemura properly, you will have unique dialogue with him at the end of the quest, which is hugely important to his narrative arc in the long run.

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