Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Makes V’s Megabuilding Actually Feel Like A Megabuilding

V's home in Cyberpunk 2077, Megabuilding H10, was originally presented as a thriving ecosystem of its own. However, in the final game, all we got was a couple of floors, a single store, and the odd minor quest to start if you ever head back home for supplies. Very little of it is interactive, and if anything, it just makes for a frustrating walk to the elevator so you can get to where the real action is.

But now, thanks to a new mod, we can bring the Megabuilding closer to what we were promised in previews. Megabuilding H10 Expanded from Nexus Mods user Krat0es adds multiple new floors and even an AV landing pad, making it a great companion mod to Let There Be Flight. It even lets you test out your weapons in your apartment, helping you decide what pieces you need before you head out to the mean streets of Night City.

This Megabuilding expansion mod doesn't just open up the path to other corridors in the complex – it adds a bunch of detail to them, making them worth exploring. As you can see in screenshots over on the mod page, a bunch of assets have been added to the previously unused locations, making them feel as lived in as what we get in the vanilla game.

It's also a great way to naturally implement the flying vehicles of the Let There Be Flight mod, since you can now park your ride on a landing pad. This obviously wasn't available in the base game, since the player can't get a flying car outside of scripted story segments,

Better yet, if you couple this with a recent update to Cyberpunk 2077 for PC, you can actually make the game surpass many expectations we had before launch. Cyberpunk now has DLSS support, enabling those with the right set-up to reach framerates as high as 150fps. This is also with RTX on, giving you the best way to play the game yet – albeit if you have a very beefy PC.

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