Cyberpunk 2077 Modders Are Adding Even More Edgerunners Content

Cyberpunk 2077 has seen new life thanks to its anime counterpart Edgerunners, hitting over one million players a day for the past week. And while it has had an official crossover with the anime spin-off, modders are going the extra mile to add even more of Edgerunners to Night City's game world.

With David Martinez being the protagonist, it's only fitting that modders are adding options to make V closer to his likeness. You can now, thanks to Vessnelle's creation, use his hairstyle in-game. Or if you'd prefer, there's a Lucy face preset that you can download alongside two other mods that add her pistol and outfit, making accurate cosplay possible.

If you're not fussed about what V looks like though, there are a few other Edgerunners mods to keep an eye on. One – from modder JesterKhan – adds a new radio station to the game filled with tracks from the anime such as This Fire and I Really Want to Stay at Your House. In total, there are 13 tracks, complete with a custom logo.

Before you even step into Night City with V and their arsenal of weapons and cybernetics, solving mysteries with Keanu Reeves in this dystopian metropolis, you have to go through Cyberpunk 2077's main menu. And if you fancy, you can install a couple of mods to give it an Edgerunners coat of paint. One adds a new background, changing it to the ending theme music movie.

That doesn't change the actual music that plays, though, so if you want the full experience, you can download another mod from JesterKhan. Major Crimes – Cyberpunk Edgerunners – Main Menu Music Replacer does what it says on the tin. It swaps out the base music for Major Crimes by Health & Window Weather. Complete with the animation background, you can make Cyberpunk 2077 feel even closer to Edgerunners.

There are plenty still pooling onto Nexus, so there'll no doubt be something for Edgerunners fans who want to experience a more familiar Cyberpunk 2077.

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