Cyberpunk 2077: The Hardest Trophies/Achievements (& Some Tips For Getting Them)

Platinum trophies are an achievement in just about any game. Even in shorter games, you usually have to look up a guide or do very specific tasks to earn these coveted prizes. In larger games, the task becomes monumental to the point of prohibitive for many. But nothing will tell another player you’ve done all there is to do like a platinum trophy in a large single-player open-world game.

Only 0.42% of players have unlocked the platinum trophy in Cyberpunk 2077 entitled “Never Fade Away.” Even with millions of concurrent players trying during a holiday break and using up all of their vacation days, the trophy remains elusive. But it’s not impossible. Here are the biggest trophies people are stuck on so far (less than 3% achieved) and how to get them.

All achievement percentages have been based on the time of this writing and are subject to change, though barring some kind of DLC, they should remain the hardest trophies in the game based on difficulty and projections.

8 Gigs And NCPD Scanner Hustles

  • The Jungle – 1.41%
  • The Mean Streets – 1.43%
  • City Lights – 1.50%
  • The Wasteland -1.53%
  • Little Tokyo – 1.79%
  • Greetings from Pacifica! – 1.88%
  • It’s Elementary – 2.92%

Seven silver trophies are waiting for you if you do every single gig and hustle in the game, one for each area of Night City. The community has not yet figured out the best path for completion on this and there is a good reason for that, but you’ll be able to figure it out with one simple trick.

The single biggest issue is that people assume that you can beat the game and come back to complete these side missions. You cannot. So do not beat the game until you have cleared all the missions off of your radar. As you gain street cred and rank, more will unlock, including ones in areas you have previously cleared. So go back and make sure you’ve got these before the words “Point of No Return” pop up on your screen. If they do, head back first.

7 Max Out Skill Tree

  • Ten out of Ten – 1.38%

Aside from the platinum trophy, this is the lowest achievement percentage completed in the game. Part of the reason for that is the misleading hint, which says to “Reach the max level in any skill” which sounds like bringing an attribute to 20. You do have to do that, but you also have to get every single skill in a tree associated with that level 20 attribute as well.

Lower difficulties yield less experience. So crank up the difficulty to the maximum for this because, on the easiest difficulty, you can actually complete the game and never get enough skill points in a full-clear playthrough.

You can technically use any skill and earn another perk point, but you level up faster in skills you haven’t earned. For example, if you’ve used an assault rifle for the entire game, switch to a katana for some quick and easy experience.

6 Eliminate All Cyberpsychos

  • I Am The Law – 1.73%

There are seventeen cyberpsychos in the game and they aren’t pushovers. They are the equivalent of boss fights and you’ll never know what to expect. Some have sniper rifles and a katana, others have rocket launchers and will hack you. You’ll be called about them when you’re in the area, just be sure to save if you hear that one is lurking around.

5 Buy All The Cars

  • Autojock – 2.36%

To be frank, you can easily complete every mission, side mission, gig, and loot every room and still not have enough eddies to buy every car in the game.

There is only one tip that you need, but it is a big one. Instead of breaking down items, always sell them instead. Crafting is nice, but it’s an expensive hobby. You’ll need every penny you can scrape up even with this tip, but you should be able to cobble together enough money before the end of the game.

4 Do The Four Major Endings

  • The Devil – 2.48%
  • The Star – 3.34%
  • The Sun – 2.53%
  • Temperance – 2.79%

There are technically seven different endings in Cyberpunk 2077, but there are four major endings that you’ll have to experience in order to get these trophies. These guides are easy to find online, but there are a couple of important tips to keep in mind.

First, save your game when the words “Point of No Return” come across your screen. Then never overwrite that save file again. In this way, you can beat the game, reload, and try out another ending.

Second, make sure you’ve done your side gigs with the major characters. You won’t have access to some of these endings if you haven’t completed certain character’s missions. No spoilers here about what those endings are, but make sure to keep Takemura alive in the “Search And Destroy” mission.

3 Complete Kerry Eurodyne’s Quests

  • To Bad Decisions! – 2.62%

Seems like players have figured out how to do the side gigs with the major characters like Panam and Evelyn just fine, but there’s a character you meet when doing missions for Johnny and Rogue that has a questline of his own, and completing them gives you a trophy.

He’ll give you a call, just agree to do what Kerry says and follow through on his series of missions for this one.

2 Kill Three Enemies With A Single Detonate Grenade Quickhack

  • Daemon in the Shell – 2.89%

This is a VERY particular trophy that is hard to achieve if you haven’t built your character in a very specific way. The quickhack itself costs 11 RAM, so if you don’t have 11 intelligence, pick up a cyberdeck that boosts your RAM usage.

Next, you’ll need an optic that gives you the Detonate Grenade Quickhack. You can find it or buy it in several places, but the Heywood ripperdoc always has one in store (though it requires 10 intelligence to equip). After that, find a group of three enemies together and make them go away.

1 Kill Someone After Coming Back To Life With Second Heart

  • V for Vendetta – 2.75%

This is the last of the sub-3% achievements, and it’s another very particular one. You’ll need to equip Second Heart, which is a Circulatory System Cyberware that brings you back to 100% health when your health hits 0%.

Huge caveat: It requires 16 body attribute points to equip. After you have that, as luck would have it, the ripperdoc in Heywood is carrying this in his stock as well. After you do go down and come back, you have five seconds to kill an enemy to earn this trophy.

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