Cyberpunk 2077 will definitely have multiplayer, but not at launch

CD Projekt Red has officially confirmed that there will be a multiplayer mode for the next game, but it won’t come out till after the first DLC.

As recently as Gamescom last month CD Projekt Red still weren’t certain whether Cyberpunk 2077 would have multiplayer or not. When we spoke to them they said it was still under consideration but it seems like they’ve finally decided that it will happen.

It won’t be an option at launch though, when the game comes out next April, and it won’t be the first DLC to be released either – with a single-player expansion planned beforehand.

Although there’s no talk of a specific time frame that could very well mean no multiplayer until 2021 or even later.

The annoucement was made in a tweet in which CD Projekt Red also advertise for new developers to work on the mode, implying they haven’t got very far so far – despite previous reports suggesting they had a separate team dedicated to the option.

They also talk about free DLC as the first release after launch, which sounds like a similar approach to The Witcher 3, where various small bits of DLC were released before two major, paid-for, story expansions.

What form the multiplayer might take is not clear, as CD Projekt Red have little experience in that area – especially when it comes to their breed of action role-player.

Since Cyberpunk 2077 is at heart a first person shooter it could be a separate competitive mode or some attempt to make the story campaign playable with another human player.

Whatever it turns out to be though it may be a while till we find out for sure…

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