Cyberpunk 2077 Will Overhaul Vehicle Combat, Police, Face Resculpting

Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.6 update arrives today. The Edgerunners Update, as it’s being called, adds a new quest where you’ll see part of the anime courtesy of a discarded braindance. There’s also new cosmetics and at least one gun lifted straight out of the new Netflix series coming September 13.

But CD Projekt Red isn’t done with Cyberpunk after Edgerunners. In today’s Night City Wire, game director Gabriel Amatangelo confirmed that there’s more on the way, with the top of the list being an overhaul to vehicular combat and the game’s wanted system.

"It gives you a whole new feel and dimension and immersion to enjoying Night City," said Amatangelo, who also noted a new melee gameplay loop, new actions in the perk tree, and new cyberware are also being developed.

Update 1.6 will be the last major update for last-gen consoles, with these new features being planned for just PC and current-gen consoles. That said, the Edgerunners Update did provide some long-awaited features for every Cyberpunk 2077 platform.

The Wardrobe system is finally here, allowing players to change and save outfits for V without altering their stats. There's also new appearance modifications at the Ripper Doc that let you change V's face and body, and there are 12 new hairstyles for both male and female V.

Besides the usual bug fixed and quality of life updates, patch 1.6 has a few more quick hits. There are 11 new weapons to discover, including six guns and five melee weapons. You'll definitely want to get your chromed-out hands on the VST-37, an automatic shotgun that looks like it could rip through people with the right build. There's also been some updates to existing weapons, with CD Projekt Red previewing a sniper rifle with explosive rounds in Night City Wave.

Nibbles the cat is available in photo mode, there's a new cross progression system across all Cyberpunk platforms, and there's a new arcade game: Roach Race. As the name suggests, you ride Roach the horse for cash and special prizes. There's even a mobile version available for Android and iOS.

There's tons more revealed in today's Night City Wire, such as the new Phantom Liberty DLC coming next year and the new English dub trailer for Edgerunners, so go check 'em out.

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