Dark Souls 3 online is finally working again on PC after 7 months

Jolly cooperators can finally meet up again in Dark Souls 3 on PC, as Bandai Namco fix a security flaw that left the game vulnerable.

If you’ve played Elden Ring recently, and were looking to try out some of FromSoftware’s earlier work you would’ve run into a serious problem with the games on PC, since the online features have been switched off since January.

Although From games are primarily single-player their famous difficulty is assuaged by summoning other people to help you and by reading messages they’ve left behind, hinting at secrets and warning of dangers. Although it’s not so essential, the game also has a competitive mode.

None of that has been working on PC though, as publisher Bandai Namco had to turn off the feature because of a security vulnerability that meant other players could take control of your computer. They now seem convinced this will no longer happen.

Dark Souls 1 and 2 are still down with the same problem but while Bandai Namco has promised to fix them as well, the length of time it’s taken to get Dark Souls 3 working suggests it won’t be any time soon.

None of this has ever affected the console versions, but there had been concern that Elden Ring could suffer from the same problem on PC. That never to came to be though and it seems the reason Dark Souls took so long to fix is that Bandai Namco were focusing on Elden Ring first.

While this is obviously good news for PC players the overriding question amongst fans at the moment is what From are working on next and why they still haven’t announced any DLC for Elden Ring.

They’ve produced DLC for all their previous games and given the huge success of Elden Ring you’d think it was almost a certainty, but with Gamescom just gone there’s still been no clue as to what their plans might be.

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